Are We Celebrating Christmas Too Soon?

Are We Celebrating Christmas Too Soon?

We are in a frantic world, time managed lives, and hectic schedules; the retail world has begun a trend of kicking off the holiday season ASAP. Once the back to school rush is over, the Halloween decorations and fall displays appear. The whole affair moves at a steady clip toward the big finale, the Christmas rush.

According to Psychologist Linda Blair

In an interview with sky news, Clinical Psychologist Linda Blair, says, “Christmas music is causing stress. Shop workers who hear Christmas music on a constant basis must tune it out. Knowing it is time to trim the tree, cater parties and buy gifts is pressuring consumers too early and unnecessarily.”“You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing," Blair told Sky News. This Problem Is Not New Chesterton wrote on the subject in 1908 in All Things Considered.

The editors of the magazines bring out their Christmas numbers so long before the time that the reader is more likely to be still lamenting for the turkey of last year than to have seriously settled down to a solid anticipation of the turkey which is to come.

We would most likely consider the brand of Christmas creep in 1908 as rather prudish, compared to the nearly year-round Christmas affair, we have come to know and love, for better or worse. It's not new to worry about the impending Christmas creep. Nor is it likely to be going away.

Perspective Is Everything

 "The continuous playing of Christmas music in the car or at stores reminds people of all the things they need to do before the holiday arrives." Fox NewsGrowing up, Christmas music in the shops and stores was a sort of guilty pleasure. In my household, Advent is celebrated to its fullest with its own customs. The decoration is done on Gaudete Sunday, roughly halfway through Advent.

Undoubtedly Background Music Causes Stress

Think of playing fast music when you need to concentrate, or jittery music when you are tense; such statements are relative. Music is a powerful tool, but there is disagreement on how music affects individuals. For one, Mozart is a random clash of symbols, while to another the sound is pure happiness. Store workers, however listening to any music on a loop would become, well loopy with the noise. Is that any different than hearing the top ten favorites of any genre?

Hearing Music Reminds us Christmas is Coming

Imagine going to the grocery on a lazy October afternoon and hearing Jingle Bells blaring, you see the display of Christmas cookies and realize you have but four weeks, to buy everything you need before the big day comes.Much like seeing fireworks displays makes us aware that The Fourth of July is coming, or a warm February day making us think of spring. Christmas music makes us think Christmas.On the other hand, imagine not thinking of such occasions until the week before Christmas, suddenly the tree must be trimmed, parties were thrown, and gifts bought.

The Pros & Cons to the Christmas Creep

The Cons: Boredom, let down after Christmas, overspending, weight gain from prolonged engagement in the festivities.Pros: Early preparation, getting to hear all your favorite songs, less frantic seasonal spending, more time put in, and more thought given to each event.

All Things Considered

Is it perhaps not the music, but the overload of holiday preparation that causes stress? Too many parties, too much consumerism, and expectations could this be the cause of our stress? One thing is sure; it is unlikely you will hear a lot of "Save a Little Christmas, for Christmas" in any of the stores before the big day.

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