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How Can I Make This Spring Better Than Any Other

Once you have lived over fifty years you have seen the seasons winter, spring, summer, and fall come and go several times. Over the years you will see how they change. However, you will notice that other things about them always stay the same. So each year you have to deliberately make up your mind to make each year and season better than the last. Every season in your life has specific a specific purpose.

Decoration Ideas for Spring

Now that spring is here it is time for you to say goodbye to your winter decor and hello to your spring one. Spring is a fun and easy season to decorate for. Remember to decorate your home with your favorite items and most importantly do not overthink it!

What is Aquaponics?

You might wonder why you should care about aquaponics. Aquaponics is an important green way to grow food sources. It uses very little water and can thrive in areas with little soil or water. And perhaps it can give us hope for our climate's bleak future. It’s a system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics.

Cheerful Plants to Get You Through the Rest of Winter

Are you done with winter? Yup, me too. However, for those of us up north, we’ve got a month or so to go. Plants help remind us that spring is coming no matter how bleak the weather. Although the plant life outside may be dead, you can still enjoy some beautiful blooms inside. There are many varieties of indoor plants that do well without direct sunlight or any at all.

Tips on How to Decorate Your Home

Decorating your home can be a bit complicated sometimes. People are often afraid of decorating their home in a certain way because they think the final product will not be what they expected. Sometimes people do not want to take the risk of getting something they did not want and spend more money to redecorate.

Ways to Make Your Home Cozier

Sometimes you take a good look around your home and think, “I need to redecorate.” Redecorating can be practical as the season's change and makes your home more weather appropriate. For instance, summer lends itself to lighter colors and fabrics, while winter calls for deeper colors and heavier, thicker fabrics. But, with the change of seasons also comes a change of feeling.

Ways to Brighten up Your January

January is an awkward month. The excitement and buildup of the holidays have passed, but it’s still cold and we need cheer. Spring is far away and the nearest holiday is Valentine's Day. January can often be dreary and depressing, especially for adults. As kids, we simply went out and played in the snow, coming back hours later for hot chocolate. As adults, we can be far more difficult to entertain.

The Best Pop Holiday Albums

Music always makes the holidays more special. By December, it’s dark, cold, and we're all hibernating. And we are usually in need of comforts like light, warmth and good company. Hearing familiar, cheery songs while you make merry with family is one of the best experiences of the year. Sometimes the older carols can be a bit stuffy, so it’s nice to check out pop artist’s renditions of holiday favorites.

5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, so most of us are getting our gifts lined up. However, with all the articles I’ve done on sustainability lately, I wanted to create less waste this holiday season. So I decided I was going to make my gifts. I also wanted them to be affordable and relatively easy to make. Something that’s great about these gifts is that they can be adapted to any religious or cultural preference.