Career Fields That Need More Women

There are many career fields that need more women. The US Department of Labor shows quite a few occupations with less than 20% female population. You can do your part to break glass ceilings by considering a career with fewer women. Also, look at this guide to help you continue your education, or begin from scratch on your own.

Firefighters (5.7%)

Firefighters are responsible for various duties to maintain the community's safety. If you are a fit humanitarian who loves the outdoors, this is the job for you. Firefighters don’t only fight fires, they keep busy every day to help the injured as EMTs and paramedics. They also help with educating the youth and their communities of safety as well. This guide will help you get started to learn everything you need to know. Never doubt yourself in this field, because The iwomen organization has got your back. Not women alone, but everyone interested. They lend a hand in various issues involved and other “information and counsel”.

Aircraft Pilots & Flight Engineers (7.2%)

There are many career options for you in aviation to consider. Anything like Air Traffic Controller to Airport Operations Manager, and everything in-between. You can help up in the air, or down on the ground, but the possibilities are endless. This is your guide to begin your education on aviation and to learn more about it. In this field of work, the Sky’s the limit. To help guide you, check out The Women In Aviation International. WAI assists with “resources to assist women in aviation and to encourage young women to consider aviation as a career”. See if the young female in your world has an interest as well.

Police & Sheriff’s Patrol Officers (12.4%)

To serve and protect day and night, our officers in blue are there on the streets. You may be thinking of the controversy that also surrounds the field. But, if you’re ready to make a difference in a community, and to change the role, consider doing it as an officer yourself.  Each officer goes through “extensive and specialized training” according to your new guide. You can research further with The International Association of Women Police. They help women in over 60 countries. The Association helps women in blue in places like The United States, Kenya, Scotland, and more! You can help them end issues like human trafficking and violence against women.

Software Developers, Applications & Systems Software (19.8%)

Developers who work with software, create applications you find useful on your smartphones. Yet, The Bureau of Labor Statistics found a “demand for computer software”. You know you thought of many things that would make the technology you use more helpful. Check out BLS for more information. IEEE is also a membership association that helps everyone with this field. They will help guide you to use technology to help the world. Women In Engineering are also part of this and assist in over 70 countries.  Also, check out The Society Of Women Engineers. They support women with learning resources and even scholarships. Even young females can get in on the excitement with Career Girls to help them begin.