How Cardio Helps With Stress

Did you know that stress costs employers $300 billion a year? What’s stress costing you? How does this natural, human reaction affect you? Stress happens when you’re afraid and anxious. In a fretful, anxiety inducing situation, 44% of Americans are more stressed than they were five years ago. Stress also causes or is a contributing factor to, 60% of human ailments.When stressed, your brain releases cortisol and adrenaline, inducing a fight or flight response. Most people choose flight, over being hysterical, superhuman strength. People have lifted cars and fought off polar bears. Which is why stress isn’t bad, it's necessary for survival. But too much of it over time negatively affects you. When you’re fighting off a polar bear, high on adrenaline and cortisol, you don’t feel the effects of fighting off a polar bear. But when you come down, ow.Exercise is the best way to combat stress, and improve your health. It’s a healthy outlet for all that adrenaline, cortisol, and other delightful neurotransmitters. Cardio is the best exercise; it also improves your heart health, which is affected by stress. It’s directly linked to heart attacks and strongly correlates with heart disease. Try these exercises to get some good, aerobic, cardio in your life.


Running, at a suitable pace, is great aerobic cardio. It’s also free and gives you an excuse to go outside. It's also an excellent way to wear out kids; family fitness is essential.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is also popular. Daily Burn 365 is an investment in your health. It also provides a good variety of exercises, so you don’t get bored. Interval training on your own also has similar benefits.


Cycling is also another excellent activity. Indoors or outdoors, depending on the seasons, it works most of your body and burns more calories, and fat, then running.


And if you need to work on your arms, try rowing. Another indoor/outdoor activity, it makes that pesky arm flab go away. Vikings had big muscles for a reason.


The ultimate cardio is climbing. It works all of your body, and available indoors. But if you’re adventurous, and love picturesque landscapes, get outside! It will take you awhile to have Sherpa strength and endurance, but you have to start somewhere.All of these activities also release serotonin, the happy neurotransmitter that combats cortisol. Everyone needs to be happy, and healthy. Anyone can do it; it’s free. Especially if you exercise outside.Either way cardio is an excellent investment in your health. And saving your boss $300 billion.