Why You Should Be Buying From Happy Mug Coffee

I’m sure that if you’re a coffee lover like myself, you experience the same issues that I do when deciding to branch out and try a new brand of coffee. Standing in the coffee aisle of a typical grocery store can be somewhat dizzying as there are so many different brands to choose from, and this is especially true if you have high standards for coffee like I do.For those of you who are dealing with these sorts of crippling problems (or perhaps first world problems is more appropriate), I encourage you to try Happy Mug Coffee. Happy Mug Coffee is a coffee company based out of Northwestern Pennsylvania that sells to businesses and consumers around the country. All of their products, which range from roasted coffee to unroasted coffee to tea, are organic and reasonably priced. They offer a wide variety of coffees and teas to choose from which, I realize, doesn’t exactly solve that problem we were just discussing. However, you can purchase in peace knowing that whichever coffee you select, it will be high in quality, fresh, and produced ethically.What exactly do I mean by this? According to happymugcoffee.com, which is where you can purchase all the coffee you desire, Happy Mug only buys their coffee from responsible sources. They define a responsible source as a farm that produces certified organic products and pays their workers fair wages. In addition, they claim that the coffee they buy ranks among the top three percent of the best tasting coffees in the world.If you need a little help choosing, my favorites are the blue moon Bali, the Italian roast, and the black velvet French roast. For most of their coffees, you will have the option to purchase a bag of whole beans, medium ground beans, coarse ground, or fine ground. Do you need any more convincing? I didn't think so!