A Brief History Of: Robert Morris University

College can be some of the best years of your life. For me, it was a great learning experience mixed with fun and frustration. However, with my upcoming graduation impending, I decided to make this week's brief history on my Alma Mater. Robert Morris University is a small private school just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Ultimately, we may be best known for our upset victory in basketball over Kentucky a few years ago. I always say our mission statement should be "We beat Kentucky once." At any rate, I did some research on Robert Morris and wanted to give some love to my University before graduation.

Humble Beginnings

Andrew Blass rented space in various spaces around Pittsburgh to start the Pittsburgh School of Accountancy in 1921. In 1935, Robert Morris became the namesake of the school. Therefore, he was known as the major financier of the American Revolution.

The Man Himself

The story of Robert Morris is a fascinating one. The man had two very different phases of his life. First, he signed the Declaration of Independence, and he was key in financing the American Revolution. However, he was met with a string of luck that led to him spending time in debtors prison. He was released after the Bankruptcy Act was passed. From here on, he lived a quiet life until his death in 1806.

University Status

Finally, in 2002, Robert Morris went from a state college to a university. A school that started as a small accounting school became a four-year university with five different colleges.Another major selling point is athletics. Robert Morris just recently opened up a new nursing facility and is building a new basketball stadium. The ice hockey team has a strong relationship with the Pittsburgh Penguins and has enjoyed a great deal of success in Division I Men and Women's hockey. All things considered, the university has grown significantly and showed lots of promise for the future.