A Brief History of Fast Food

Regardless of race, social status, and location, everyone is at the mercy of time. You can't buy more, but several people try in various ways to make good use of what they have. Fast food is a billion dollar industry that has rapidly grown due to the rise of two income households. Having time to prepare food, working long hours, and having time to do everything else necessary in a home is becoming harder to do.

Welcome To White Castle

Perhaps Harold and Kumar made the chain relevant to a new generation, but they truly started it all. White Castle began mass producing their burgers in 1921 after the success of the automobile industry. They perfected the ability to mass produce burgers at incredible speed, but also the capacity to keep their quality the same across the board at various locations. White Castle is perhaps overshadowed by more successful chains today, but their impact on the fast food industry is unparalleled. Unfortunately, White Castle also can take a portion of the blame for the growing unhealthy food craze in the United States.

Gold in Golden Arches

McDonald's took the White Castle model and raised it one thousand percent. Ray Croc took the McDonald brothers restaurant that served quality hamburgers in near record time and opened locations all across the United States. Croc was able to fine tune each restaurant to give a quality experience with food that was consistent from California to Florida. McDonald's also never rested on their laurels, adding a drive-thru in 1975 being one of the major innovations. I'd imagine a large percentage of people wouldn't call McDonald's their favorite restaurant, but I'd say almost everyone knows what to expect when they order a Big Mac or large fries from McDonald's.

Fast Food Today

The fast food industry is doing as well as ever. Despite a lot of backlash on the health content of the food, Americans simply can't beat the convenience. Fast food chains have grown to mammoth proportions due to American's love of variety. In addition to McDonald's, we have Taco Bell, Subway, KFC, Wendy's, and Chick-fil-A to name a few that are all amazingly popular and fruitful. Several fast food chains have made strides to provide healthier options. As long as the world is pressed for time, fast food will remain a widely successful industry.