Book Review: The Kind Worth Killing

This week, I am reviewing Peter Swanson's The Kind Worth Killing. Have you ever thought about how a chance meeting can change your life? Influenced by Patrica Highsmith's Strangers on a Train, our two main characters meet by chance at an airport bar. They have drinks and start speaking very openly and honestly with one another. This simple premise leads us on a wild ride that will keep readers engaged.

The Story

Ted meets Lily at an airport bar, and they begin a casual conversation. After forming a bond, Ted confesses that he knows his wife is having an affair, and he wants to kill her. Lily, instead of being shocked, thinks the idea has a lot of merits and says he should do it. Ted decides to go through with the plan, and Lily's going to help any way she can. We see Ted's relationship with his wife through his eyes and what leads him to his decision. We also see Lily's past and find out why she has little problem aiding in a murder. Just when the plan seems to be going perfectly, something major happens. Without spoilers, I will say every reader will be on the edge of their seat and in suspense until the very end.

The Verdict

The Kind Worth Killing is one of the better stylistic suspense books I have read. Swanson creates very real, likable characters in situations that are dangerous yet relatable. The plot is well done, and it keeps the reader guessing until the very end. The plot twists are jarring, yet believable in the context of the story. As engaging as the plot is, the real story is with the characters. Ted is a conflicted guy who may finally take a dark action to take control of his life. Lily is intelligent, compelling with a haunting dark side. Meeting them and watching their story unfold was worth my time and money. Huge recommendation for Swanson and looking forward to reading more of his work.