Book Review: Her Every Fear

Peter Swanson is becoming one of the mystery and thriller genre's best writers. Last week, I reviewed his acclaimed novel The Kind Worth Killing. Her Every Fear, his follow-up effort, is another fast-paced read with high stakes and well-drafted characters. Swanson used a wide variety of plot twists and misdirection in The Kind Worth Killing, that made it an audience favorite. However, what stuck with me most is his characters. Let's see if he is as fortunate in his newest novel.

The Story

Kate Priddy is coming to America with a dark past. She was a victim of a vicious kidnapping by her ex that left her afraid of everything. Even though he committed suicide while she was locked in the closet, he still haunts her thoughts. Her opportunity to move from London to Boston comes by the way of an apartment swap with her cousin Corbin. However, Corbin may also have some demons in his closet.  The recent murder of a tenant in Corbin's apartment building leaves Kate uneasy about her situation. It doesn't help that everyone Kate comes across seems to think he may have had something to do with the murder. Kate searches for answers and tries not to let fear overcome her.

The Verdict

Peter Swanson delivers another fantastic thriller that keeps audiences guessing until the end. The book isn't quite the thrill ride of his last novel, but it does create a new batch of likable characters. Swanson switches his POV multiple times and does a fantastic job developing characters outside of his main protagonist. Kate is easy to root for, and the supporting cast all take on a great deal of depth. Even our antagonists are given a human story with traits beyond the typical villain. Swanson keeps himself near the top of thriller writers to watch going forward.