The Best Ways to De-Stress

Most of us have busy lives; with hectic schedules, days are bound to become overwhelming and stressful. Whether it is through school, work, or family, stress will etch its way into your daily life. When you have a great deal on your plate, you start to suffer from stress. As a result, you start to feel and think destructively throughout the day. De-stressing in the mornings, at night, or even on your lunch break can be beneficial when it seems like your daily life is nerve-wracking. When you have free time, try the tips I have listed below to de-stress.

Stay Positive

Many people underestimate the power of positivity. Your mindset greatly influences your mood and the mood of your neighbors. When you constantly think negatively, you will just become more stressed and overwhelmed. Even worse is speaking negatively. When you voice your unenthusiastic thoughts to other people, they start to think unpleasantly as well. Therefore, your overwhelmed feelings can transfer to them. When you think and speak positively, you are providing yourself and others with a refreshing dose of motivation and happiness. When you are stressed, staying positive can entirely renovate your mood and help you defeat those sneaky, stressful thoughts.

Take a Bath

Nothing is better than relaxing in a hot bath after a long, demanding day. When you need to de-stress after a long day or week, run a hot bath, and just sit back and unwind. You can also put on music or read a book while resting in the steamy tub. For this tip, the idea is to partake in something relaxing. If you do not find baths relaxing, participate in something else. Maybe, baking, watching movies or getting a massage is your perfect de-stressor. Choose an activity that helps keep your mind from worrying. We all deserve a little me-time, especially when we are excessively stressed.


Working out releases endorphins that enhance your mood and helps de-stress your body and mind. Therefore, working out is biologically a de-stressor. Along with this, working out allows you to forget about your stress temporarily. If you have final exams or a big presentation at work, working out allows your mind to access a brief moment of freedom from the hectic situation. Because you are partaking in a productive activity, you will not feel like you are avoiding your responsibilities. For example, if you have final exams and you decide to watch television for an hour, you will feel guilty that you wasted an hour on something unproductive. On the other hand if you workout for an hour, you are usefully de-stressing your mind and recharging your body, so you will not feel remorseful for taking this type of personal time.

Go for a Walk

This tip is often overstated; however, going for a walk when you feel stressed truly can relieve a portion of the worry. Going outside and getting fresh air feels amazing. It allows you to take a step back from your responsibilities and just be present. Life is overwhelming and fast-paced. Sometimes, our busy schedules and multitude of responsibilities cause us to lose sight of important points like family, happiness and our blessings. When you go on walks, you become present and can use that time to not only de-stress but also reflect on important aspects of your life. When you feel stressed, go for a walk and think about everything you have and all you are grateful for. I promise you, a fresh perspective will be crafted, and the stressful features in your life that seemed too overwhelming will become less troublesome.

Visit an Animal Shelter

What is a better de-stressor than playing with puppies and kittens? Visit an animal shelter when you are feeling stressed. You can even make this a weekly activity by signing up to be a volunteer. Many animal shelters need people to just play with the dogs and cats. It allows them to become more socialized and provides them with love and attention most animals in shelters are lacking. Not only will you be benefiting yourself but also the many homeless cats and dogs that need love. Puppies and kittens are sure to form a few more smiles across your face. Along with this, you can volunteer for another organization like a homeless shelter, soup kitchen or children’s hospital. The idea goes back to being grateful; when you volunteer you see the hardships, many people are going through. That work presentation or exam is put into perspective, and you realize your life is not as stressful and overwhelming as you believed.Remember, your daily responsibilities are important, but at the end of the day, your mental health undeniably comes first. Everyone experiences stress; however if you find yourself genuinely unhappy on a daily basis, a life change may be the best decision and can benefit your overall well-being. Never underestimate the impact a healthy mind can have on your life.