The Best Study Habits to Ace Any Test

The new school year is starting, which means tests are around the corner. Tests can be stressful. Sometimes, you study for days and still do not get the grade you feel you deserve. Using the right study habits can significantly impact your grades. Below are five study habits you should utilize to ace any test.

Put the Phone Away

When studying, you need to avoid distractions. Being fully focused is one the most important aspects of studying effectively. Phones are one of the most distracting devices. Instagram, texts, phone calls, and Facebook are at your fingertips. It is nearly an instinct to check and play on your cell phone. My best advice is to put the phone away while you are studying. Place the phone in another room, or transfer it to airplane mode. This idea also goes along with any other distraction. If studying from a laptop distracts you, print out the material, and then, put the laptop away. Without distractions your total attention will be on studying. As a result, you will absorb more information and finish studying earlier since you are solely focusing on your study material. 

Make An Outline

Many times, pages of information are thrown at you to learn for your next test. It can be overwhelming. In this situation, creating an outline can be extremely beneficial. When you outline your material you are discovering the most important information to study. It can help you concentration on the significant material and allow you to avoid studying material that is unlikely to be on the test. Do not waste your precious time on unimportant information. Along with this, when you outline material, you uncover the information you already know. Using your time wisely is a tremendously important aspect when making excellent grades on your future tests.

Write it Down

Studies show that writing material down is superior to just reading over or typing it. When you write information down, you learn the material more efficiently and retain it for a longer amount of time. When you take notes, opt for a notebook and pencil instead of an electronic device. After you read over all of your study material, write down the most important information or the information you find troublesome. Repeatedly write over the material until you learn it. Writing information down is an astonishing study habit this is sure to score you an A+ on your next test.

Understand the Material

Most teachers utilize critical thinking on tests. When you merely memorize the information, you are bound to perform badly on a test that requires you to think critically. Instead, aim to grasp the material. Ask yourself, what does this mean? Have I ever witnessed this? Why does this happen? Comprehending the material will improve your test scores, and you will learn information from your classes. Plus when final exams come around, you will already understand the material and will not have to stress over memorizing the information in a short span of time.

Take Breaks

When you study for a long period, your mind becomes fatigued. When your mind is tired, you absorb less information. It is more difficult to fully understand and learn the test material if you are not in the right mindset. However, if you take a 15 to 20-minute break every hour, your mind will be able to recover and recharge. Frequently recharging your mind can greatly influence how you understand and learn the material. A fresh mind is always beneficial when studying; therefore, using this study technique can greatly enhance your grades on a test.