The Best Haunted Tours in New Orleans

The Best Haunted Tours in New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana is filled with myths and legends. From ghosts to witchcraft, the supernatural filled city is the perfect place to experience a haunted tour. The Crescent City is known for its cemeteries. Along with this, there are psychics and voodoo shops at every corner. Therefore, you are sure to receive an authentic, spooky journey when walking the streets of New Orleans with your tour guide. When visiting the Big Easy, one has to participate in a haunted tour to have the true New Orleans experience. Ghosts and witches are just as famous in this city as jazz, Bourbon Street, Mardi Gras and Cajun food. Here is a list of the best-haunted tour companies in New Orleans.

Haunted History Tours

Website: hauntedhistorytours.comPhone Number: 504-861-2727Haunted History Tours is one of the best known haunted tour companies in the New Orleans area. The tour company has been featured on A&E, The Travel Channel, The History Channel, and more! They have a large variety of day and night tours, so you are sure to find one that fits your interests. The tours range from pubs crawls to ghost graveyard tours to voodoo history tours. If you are in the New Orleans area, you have to check out Haunted History Tours.Cost: $25 for adults; $18 dollars for students and seniors; $14 dollars for kids 11 and under; free for kids 5 and underAll Available tours:

  • French Quarter Ghost and Legends Tour (New Orleans Ghost Tour)

  • New Orleans Cemetery History Tour

  • New Orleans Vampire Tour

  • 5 in 1 Ghost and Mystery Tour

  • New Orleans Voodoo History Tour

  • French Quarter Haunted Pub Crawl

  • New Orleans Garden District Tour

  • Garden District Ghost Tour

  • Dead of Night Ghost and Graveyard Bus Tour

Ghost City Tours 

Website: ghostcitytours.comPhone Number: 888-859-5375Ghost City Tours offer numerous night tours like ghost hunts, cemetery tours, and haunted pub crawls. With this company, you are able to sightsee while learning about the supernatural background of America’s most haunted city. They are ranked as #1 Ghost Tour Company in New Orleans on Trip Advisory. If you are vacationing in this haunted city, make sure you check out Ghost City Tours.Cost: $19.95 for ages 12 and up; $9.95 for ages 6-11All Available Tours:

  • Ghost of New Orleans Tour

  • Haunted Pub Crawl

  • Killers and Thrillers Tour- West

  • Killers and Thrillers Tour- East

  • Dead of Night Ghost Hunt Experience

  • New Orleans Cemetery Tour

French Quarter Phantoms

Website: frenchquarterphantoms.comPhone Number: 504-666-8300If you have the urge to learn about New Orleans history while goose bumps crawl up your arms, look into French Quarter Phantoms. They have numerous tours available. For example, the tour company has a ghost and vampire tour, cemetery tours, a true crime tour and even an infant asylum tour. Plus, they have private and customizable tours available. The haunted tour company has something for everyone. If you visit New Orleans, you have to check out French Quarter Phantoms.Cost: $20 for adults; free for children under 7All Available Tours:

  • Ghost and Vampire Walking Tour

  • Saints and Sinners Walking Tour

  • Louis #1 Cemetery Walking Tour

  • Tremé Walking Tour

  • Music of New Orleans: Listen and Learn

  • Garden District/Lafayette Cemetery Tour

  • True Crime Tour

  • Custom and Private Tours

  • St. Vincent Infant Asylum Tour

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