The Best Colors to Wear this Summer

Summer is the shortest season, but also one of the most unique because unlike other seasons it allows you to have the freedom to express your style and wardrobe. Despite being one of the most loved seasons, it can often be one of the hardest to dress for. Many of us want to stay true to our fashion style but still follow the summer trends. When it comes to summer fashion knowing what types of clothes is the easy part, it's knowing what colors to wear that stumps people.


It's true that pink is a color that is so beautiful it can be worn in any season. However, it's a color that is very flattering to wear in the summer. Wearing all shades of pink is trendy, but this season bubblegum pink is one of the most popular shades being worn this summer. Fashioners names pale dogwood pink another shade of pink that is a must have. It's a neutral muted pink that has been popping up here and there from New York, London, Milan, and Paris. It's great to wear this shade in a summer dress, mini skirt, or men even as a pair of short or slacks.

Niagara Denim Blue

This shade is a relaxing and soft blue shadow. It's named as a medium class denim and is a fashion must have to wear as a sandal in the hottest season of the year.


If you're a fan of orange then adding a dash of coral is right up your alley. This season incorporating a coral peachy element to your attire is very cooling on the skin stone. It's also is very flattering to even add as a nail color, lipstick, or even a pump or stilettos.


Many people believe that black is only seasonal to wear in the cold winter months, but it's one of the hottest colors to wear this summer. Knowing how to wear it in the daytime is where many people make mistakes. It's best to stick to one element of clothing during the day. If you're going out to a formal dinner party simply wearing a black cool summer dress is very trendy.


Even though it's a very bold color yellow is one of this year's breakout colors. The golden, mustard like shade is winning over many skeptical's hearts because it's bold but pops in the sun. It can be worn as a dress, shorts and a silver top, and looks gorgeous as a nail color. It's attention grabbing and is very flattering when the sun reflects on this funky color.


If you're a jewelry fan of metallics, then this season update your ensemble with fresh silver pieces. According to InStyle magazine silver adds an edge to street style with a skinny belt, a thick rocker style chain, or a watch with a bold face.


One of the most beautiful and spectacular colors to wear this summer is green. All shades are beautiful to rock but specifically clergy green. Rock it this summer as a romper with a pink pair of shoes and purse. If you want to turn, heads rock it in as a toenail color while wearing a bold pink or yellow ensemble.


The color white is such an effortlessly cool ensemble to wear in the summer. InStyle magazine suggests wearing a summer dress with a cropped leather jacket. Summer is by far the best season to showcase your white attire.The summer is finally here and won't last very long, so add these beautiful to your daily attire.SaveSave