The Benefits of Drinking More Water

We all try to be as health-conscious as possible. However, sometimes it is difficult to make the best choices for our bodies. In the morning, for example, most of us reach for a cup of coffee or tea. While these will give us a boost of energy, they are loaded with caffeine. Sometimes all our bodies need, to wake up, is a glass of water. While looked at as boring or plain, water is a crucial resource that we often take for granted. Sugary drinks may taste “better”; however, they are loaded with chemicals and unnatural sweeteners. Water is the best thing to reach for when thirst hits. Here are a few of the health benefits of drinking the infamous liquid.

Water Creates Balance in Our Bodies

As many people know, our bodies are made up of sixty percent water. There are many important tasks that it helps our bodies accomplish during the day. These include digestion, circulation, saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintaining body temperature. When we feel dehydrated or thirsty, it is our bodies way of telling us it cannot function properly. Refueling allows our body to continue working the way it is supposed to.

The Liquid Helps Our Kidneys

Our kidneys are the basic filters of our bodies. They help our bodies transport waste products in and out of cells via body fluids. Being that water makes up a majority of that liquid, it is essential to keep the kidneys in pristine condition. Failing to drink enough water also puts us at risk for kidney stones.

It Helps Us Think!

When we’re hydrated, we can think clearer and be more alert. With water’s help, our brains don’t have to worry about any part of the body failing. This way we can focus on the task at hand, which increases productivity and energy levels.

Prevents Cramps

Staying adequately hydrated keeps out joints and muscles in proper shape. Water adds moisture to the lubrication between our joints and keeps our muscles more elastic. This also allows us to be more flexible for activities like yoga or sports.