Being a Christian in College

Being a Christian in college can seem challenging. Everywhere you look, someone is doing something that completely goes against your morals and values. Whether it is binge drinking or drugs, the world is filled with sinful interests that have undeniably taken over college life. However, you can still go to college and remain a faithful Christian. Better yet, you can even have a fun college experience while living out your Christ-like values. Below are common questions many Christians wonder as they head to college.

How will I meet other Christian people?

Meeting other Christians can seem challenging. If you do not go to a Christian university, you can feel like there will be no different people on the college campus that share your Christ-like values. However, there will be other faithful individuals at your college. You just have to search for them actively. For example, most universities will have a Christian-geared club available. Join the club! You will meet numerous other faith-filled students, and the organization will have activities you can participate in. I promise you can meet a lot of fellow students with your same beliefs. Also, strike up conversations with other people. Do not be afraid to share your faith. When you are open, other people will be more open as well. You will never know if the person sitting next to you is a Christian unless you talk to them.

Can I still have fun in college while being a Christian?

The answer to this question is yes! Haven’t you had fun throughout your life as a Christian thus far? So, how will college be any different? Sure, college campuses are filled with binge drinking, drugs, and other forms of sinful acts, but you can still enjoy college without participating in those types of actions. College is also consumed with sports, club, activities, and socializing. Partake in the activities you find gratifying as a Christian, not what a cliché college student finds enjoyable.

Should I tell others they are wrong?

Trust me; no one wants to hear they are wrong. When you are too opinionated, you can lose friends and start producing an entitled and judgmental exterior. The reality of the situation is that not everyone believes in God. You will not change every person’s mind. Yes, spread your faith, but do not become overly obnoxious when doing so. We have to accept others, whether we agree with them are not. I know that I would not want someone continually arguing with me that God is not real. As I stated, share what you believe and help those who are lost; however, everyone has to live out their own journey towards faith. It is impossible to make someone believe in God when they are not willing to adopt a faithful and open mindset. Live out your days as a believer and that alone will share the word of God.

Am I missing out on a real college experience?

No, you are not missing out on real university life, because what exactly is a real college experience? College is about getting an education. You are not in school to get overly intoxicated or participate in reckless activities. Drinking and drugs are just somethings college students have added into the mix of college life. Plus, an authentic college experience is what you want it to be. College is meant to be enjoyable. If you find going to church activities with your Christian peers fun then, you are living out a real college experience. With that being said, you can still go to bars and drink alcohol if you are a Christian. I know that different churches look at alcohol in different perspectives, but, in my experience, as long as you do not drink too much and remember your values, you can still engage in traditional college activities such as parties.Being a Christian does not mean you have to miss out on college experiences. Just remember always to be responsible and incorporate Christ-like values in your daily life.

Extra Tips:

  • Do NOT skip church. It is a normal habit of missing church when going to college. You have a load of college work to do over the weekend and activities you want to go to. You just do not have time to go to church. At least, this is what you are telling yourself. Forget those thoughts, and head over to church. Plus, many universities have a campus church, so you have no excuse.

  • Give back. Adopting this type of tip is not only helpful to others but can also encourage you to go to church and participate in Christian functions. Donating, volunteering, and giving back will remind you of your blessing and inspire you to start living out your faith.

  • Have fun. Yes, college is about getting an education, but these are four years of your life you will never forget. Always prioritize grades and God first, but do not forget to make life-long memories with your friends.