Do You Have These Beach Essentials in Your Bag?

Beach Babe

Here at Deliberate Magazine, we believe summer should consist of less stress and more sun. Because of this, we've compiled the top beach bag essentials for your next trip to the shore.

Tote Bag

This go-to beach bag leaves you plenty of room for your essentials.  And who says totes can't be cute? Pick something stylish and practical to fit all of your items, allowing for an effortless day/night out at the beach.


Sunscreen is a no-brainer for you beach babes. Besides, not only does sunscreen protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays it also keeps your skin looking good. For added comfort, pick a sunscreen that is both oil free and waterproof, so all you have to do is remember to reapply.

Leave-in conditioner

Just like your skin, your hair also requires extra care when spending time outside. A leave-in conditioner provides hydration for your locks and prevents them from getting dry or frizzy.

Reading material

Whether you prefer magazines or books, this one is a must for beach goers when you feel like relaxing in the shade or lounging.


Sunglasses protect your eyes on hot summer days, and they also make a stylish fashion statement.  With various colors and styles to choose from, you won't be disappointed.


Sometimes it's best to pack a small purse to hold your I.D, money, and phone especially when you want to talk a walk along the boardwalk or shoreline.

Beach towel

When packing light, beach towels double as a place to sit while also providing warmth after a swim.

Lip balm with SPF

Protect your lips from the dry heat and save your lips from getting chapped with a lip balm that includes an SPF moisturizer.

Beat the heat

Now that you have all the essentials there's no reason you can't beat the heat with a trip to the beach. Whether you bring a friend or decide to go solo-- you're tote bag is filled with the necessary items for a relaxing day.SaveSave