From Basic to Bold: Upgrade Your Wardrobe Essentials

With summer approaching, it's time to start considering that perfect wardrobe. The best part is, you may already have the key pieces in your closet. But if you are lacking in wardrobe essentials, here are some tips on upgrading them from basic to bold. Examples: ballet flats (go from natural to block colors), white t-shirt (try a new cut/style), leggings for your workout (look for crossed laces at the ankle to add a more sophisticated feel).Many fashionistas and curious shoppers have sometimes mistaken clothing essentials with spending a lot of money. But there are also budget friendly ways of keeping within your paycheck while being adventurous with your looks.  The first step is beginning with pieces you already own and see if there is anything to add or take away to update the original clothes.

Step in the right direction 

The perfect shoe especially when on-the-go should be comfortable but also make a statement.  For a vacation in Florida or a day at the office, it's all about bright colors and unique details.On hot summer days most of us will grab flip-flops or our coveted pair of gladiator sandals, but what about a last minute girls night or being called into work on your day off.  We've all been there, so to make your life easier having reliable footwear is a step in the right direction.

Look for...

Ballet flats with embellishments like studs on the toe, block colors, and design cutouts.[embed][/embed]

Dress to impress

Look for...

A statement dress for weddings, outings, and a weekend getaway.  Don't be afraid to combine bright colors with an elegant design.  Choose something different than your usual maxi dress with accents like an off-the-shoulder sleeve or side cutouts to show off your tan.[embed][/embed]

 T-shirt Takeover

Who said t-shirts are basic? If anything they are the perfect wardrobe staple for any fashion savvy woman. A simple white t-shirt is all you need but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style.

Look for...

Opt for a simple tee or dress it up with cool cutouts, a simple design, or a crop top to go with your summer festival outfit.    And if all else fails....accessorize!

Make a statement

If you ask any model about the key to looking put together they'll tell you it's all about accessories. Finding pieces that can easily transform your outfit from day to night is a must.

Look for...

Statement sunnies (sunglasses), embellished wristlets, chunky necklaces, and floppy sun hats. These accessories will make you stand out from the crowd. your personal style to the next level using our fashion advice and let us know what looks are your favorite.