Balayage & Man Buns: Current Hairstyle Trends

Balayage & Man Buns: Current Hairstyle Trends

With top knots, man buns, and balayage dyes making hairstyle headlines, keeping up with styling trends can be a challenge. Whether you’re confused about a style or want to keep up with the times, this hairstyling guide is for you.


This new dyeing trend is a huge hit this year and the perfect option if you’re looking for a natural-look. The balayage technique gradually adds the color to your hair, so it fades slowly from one shade to another. Because the dye is only added to the bottom of your hair, it also has pretty easy maintenance, and you never have to deal with that “grown-out roots” look. This also means that you can either let it fade or re-dye it, and it will look natural no matter what.


Though balayage is gradually replacing the ombre dye, have no fear--ombre is still incredibly popular. Meaning “shadow” in French, this dye is a bit more of an obvious transition from one color to another. The ombre look is achieved by dyeing several layers of hair and also requires low maintenance. If you want to eliminate the ombre dye, though, the best way is to cut it off. Re-dyeing, all your hair to one color, is nearly impossible with the differing ombre shades.


If you’re looking for a modern look, the popularity of rose-gold has graduated to hair color. Though rose-gold dye is hard to maintain, the color is a beautiful, warm shade of blonde-pink that fits a variety of skin types. To achieve this look, you first have to lighten your hair with bleach, if necessary. Then, you can either buy the box dye or mix a few colors to achieve the perfect shade of rose-gold. Your best bet, however, is to get the dye done professionally. That way you don’t end up with a rose-gold that’s too pink or too gold.

Top Knots

Top knots are a favorite hairstyle for both men and women, though they mean relatively different things. A man's top knot has a longer haircut with shaved sides, so his bun sits on top his head. These buns tend to be pretty tiny since they’re made with a fraction of a full head of hair. In contrast, a woman’s top knot pulls all her hair onto the top of her head, making it look more oblong than round. The “top knot” is a perfect option for a no-nonsense hairstyle, and it can look either casual or dressy depending on the occasion.

Man Buns

The man bun, specifically reserved for men (obviously) is a currently trending hairstyle that’s been popular for a few years now. Though having glorious long hair and some facial hair is ideal for achieving this look, the “man bun” can be accomplished by any man who has long enough hair to pull it into a bun. Man buns are also typically sported by hipsters or outdoor men going for a rugged look.

The Lob

Though “the Lob,” or the long bob, has been popular for several years, the new trend is to make your lob your own. Adding eyebrow-length fringe, layers, or messy curls to your lob can make it more interesting and more in-style. Also, if you’re interested in having short hair, try going for a lob instead of a short bob. Not only is it more stylish, it’s easier to manage too.


If none of these options are for you, then have no fear! The most popular hairstyle trend in today’s world is to embrace your hair and leave it “all-natural.” Whether you have a curly blonde lob or long, straight black hair, feel free to come as you are and love the hair you have. After all, embracing yourself and your hair can be the most stylish look of all.

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