Back Muscles: Three Important Exercises

Taking care of your back is important, and failing to do so can make life difficult. Strengthening it lets you get more mileage out of the muscle group, and prevent nagging injuries in the future. These three exercises can are perfect for building muscle and preserving structure in your back.


The deadlift works your entire body to an extent, but it is especially fantastic for the erector spinae. A strong erector spinae, or lower back, is vital for stability. Anyone with a weak erector spinae can suffer painful injuries, especially if one lives an active lifestyle already. Lifters, in particular, use their core in most exercises, which includes the erector spinae. The deadlift also recruits other muscles, such as lats, to a lesser degree.


Pull-ups primarily work your latissimus dorsi muscles, or lats, which are major muscles in your upper back. They also incorporate the erector spinae and core to a small extent. Developed lats make any arm or shoulder extension easier, and are used mainly for pulling or pushing. Underdeveloped lats can lead to difficulty in completing otherwise simple tasks, and, once again, create the potential for severe damage to the back.

Bent-Over Rows

Between your lats and erector spinae, the middle back is underused in these other exercises. Bent-over rows target this area, which is an important stabilizer among the muscle group. It is another essential component to creating the stability in the core to support the rest of your routine.If you have experienced back injuries or structural issue before, some of these exercises may not be best to start with. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives which can achieve results. Consider your personal health before attempting any of these exercises, and be aware of the other options (like this one via Men's Fitness) you can use to develop your back muscles.