Why You Should Avoid Casual Dating

Casual dating is two people regularly having sex and interacting, but not entering a strict relationship. It rises out of one's need for space, and many think it a better choice than actual dating. But problems arise with casual dating.

At Least One Person Becomes Used

No one wants someone to use him or her. But, both involved in casual dating use each other for mere sex and company. A time will be reached when one person wants to further the relationship, and the other will not. In this case, the reluctant one may still want and require sex and company from the other. Since everything is eventually coming to light, the serious partner will discover the other's feelings. He or she will realize that the other has been using him or her and he or she may become insecure or more so than he or she was. Because a level of insecurity is a factor in career success, the career of the serious one may then suffer.

People Suppress Their Emotions

Emotional suppression leads to depression, heart disease, high blood pressure, a breakdown in communication skills, a reduction in memory, anxiety, physical stress, and more. So, suppressing emotions is not a good idea. However, casual dating promotes it.One could release some emotions by keeping a daily journal. However, prevention - not taking up casual dating - is a better cure.

It Confuses Both Involved

While a schoolboy, Isaac Newton failed his classes because he didn't care for them. In this time, he would focus on creating contraptions because he liked it. Although passing classes to enter a good school would have been logical, he still went consistently. He began excelling in school only because of his hatred for it and his will to outdo his bullies. Therefore, if feelings, instead of logic, can determine Newton's actions, what about others?Feelings are the ebb and flow of all relationships. So, not involving them in one meant only for sex and company is improbable. In consequence, the confusion comes because feelings respect no boundaries, especially those of relationships. Eventually, what emerges is a tense environment of:'I should not feel for him or her, but I do.'Freudian slips and odd instances that complicate relationships and confuse those in the relationship will then occur. And the confusion may finally disrupt their lives.

It Keeps People From Finding Love

A casual dater could spend the time he or she is in a casual relationship finding love. It may be only fear preventing him or her from changing. Remember that people on their deathbeds do not complain about having tried, only about not having tried.

It Wastes Time

Most importantly, casual dating wastes time. One wastes it on a person insignificant to one's life for mere sex and company. In wasting time remember that everyone has potential. But the successful use their time to sharpen their potential into incontestable skill.Be aware of these problems with casual dating because, without it, you can succeed.