Why These Artists Are Sizzling Hot This Summer

Why These Artists Are Sizzling Hot This Summer

These artists are adding to the summer heat with new albums, tours, and an even greater message. It's all about empowerment, new beginnings, and acceptance which inspired these music artists to put their heart and soul into every song.  We've listed the hottest artists below to help you build your summer playlist.

Halsey - Hopeless Fountain Kingdom 


With the release of her second album, Halsey's music does not disappoint. The British singer-songwriter has already topped the charts at #1 since the album's debut on June 2nd. She is the first female artist to have her album at Billboard's Artists 100  since Lady Gaga's Joanne in November 2016.With singles like, "New Americana" and "Ghost" it's no wonder she has everyone talking.  If you aren't familiar with her music, you may remember The Chainsmokers song, "Closer" which featured Halsey and has been a favorite among Radio DJ's worldwide.Fans are already obsessed with the new album especially her latest song, "Strangers" which can only be described as empowering.  And if the album is anything like the singer's Coachella performance, we certainly haven't seen the last of Halsey.

 Katy Perry - Witness

Katy Perry's album dropped June 9th and is quite different than her former music.  The message that Perry is attempting to get across is this...she's done with the haters.   Katy Perry is doing her own thing while also addressing mental illness which is a bold move.So what is she up to now? Perry recently confessed her struggles with depression and has finally ended that beef with artist Taylor Swift.Witness shows us a new side of Katy Perry, one that is a force to be reckoned with.  Strong vocals, ballads, and lyrics about individuality, empowerment, and heartbreak Perry truly shines.  The sound is hauntingly beautiful with a twist of pop/techno beat.

Imagine Dragons - Evolve

After collaborating with Beyonce' for, "Hymn For The Weekend" the band has already established a summer tour (tickets on sale now) and their new album is expected to be entirely different than their pop/rock albums in the past.  Other hit singles include, "Radioactive" and "It's Time."Lead vocalist Dan Reynolds discussed their use of only four instruments in the majority of their songs for Evolve.  The main reason being that Reynolds felt that fans deserved to hear a more laid-back and heartfelt album. He later added that simplicity is sometimes best in getting the message across--before confessing the band's issues with depression when they first raised to fame.  While mental illness may be the foundation for the album, that isn't stopping the band from incorporating songs that are uplifting and encouraging.Imagine Dragons is showing us an alternative root for summer music favorites one that isn't so focused on fame, but being humble and getting back to their roots.

Ed Sheeran - World Tour (June 29th, 2017 through April 1st, 2018)

Ed Sheeran has already topped the charts with hit singles like, "Castle On The Hill" and "Galway Girl" off his new album Divide.  And now the singer-songwriter prepares for a world tour.This album was Sheeran's first in awhile since he announced he'd be taking a break from music, well the break seems worthwhile as Ed Sheeran's album has remained in iTunes Top 2o since March 2017. As for the tour, tickets are already selling out.

Lady Gaga -Joanne World Tour (August 1st - September 11th)

Lady Gaga took 2016 by storm with her album Joanne, and her tour is expected to do the same. Gaga has headlined both the Super Bowl and Coachella Music Festival this year so it comes as no surprise that kicking off a summer tour would be another success.Lady Gaga has captivated fans with songs like, "Born This Way" "Bad Romance" and "Million Reasons"  there's no denying her talent.   Gaga continues to inspire others with her songs of encouragement and acceptance-- and this tour is bound to be a summer favorite among music goers everywhere.

Kendrick Lamar - DAMN. tour (July 12th - August 6th)

The hip-hop and R&B artist is sure to be sizzling this summer. Besides, his song "Humble" remains the go-to song for a night out or just jamming in the car.Since Kendrick Lemar dropped his album DAMN, it has topped the charts alongside artists like Drake, Future, Ed Sheeran, and Lady Gaga.  And if his tour is as good as his album, fans can expect the hype to be worth it.

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