Apple Just Finished Their Keynote & Here's Everything You Need to Know

Apple Just Finished Their Keynote & Here's Everything You Need to Know

If you're anything like me, you have a short attention span and want to know the cliff notes of a 2-hour keynote. Before you get all excited, everything will be released in the fall or available to ship around Christmas, but all the new features are still very cool and exciting! So what are the announcements you ask? Keep reading below!

watchOS 4

I'm pretty excited for this one as I am a watch owner and avid user. Though I don't care too much about the new faces, I do care that they have a new workout UI and more detailed notifications for:

  • When to leave for work

  • Music that is playing

  • How your workout is going

macOS High Sierra

I had mixed feelings about this one, but it doesn't mean it wasn't good. Here are some things it supports on the new OS. P.S. I think Apple ran out of OS names because Hi-Sierra is kind of lame, but who knows, there may be a valid reason for it, but that's not what this post is for.

  • Safari improved its security to protect your privacy

  • New photo search feature

  • Apple File System (more secure storage)

New iMacs & MacBook Air & Pro Refreshes

Before you get excited about the iMac, please note the price of it and let it sink in. Yes, the new iMac is going to put you $4999 under, and that is not including taxes and Apple Care (which you should most definitely get if you're paying that much). All in all, it comes down to preference and what your needs are. For the MacBooks, it's now faster, sharper and brighter display and a new Intel processor.

iOS 11

This one gets me excited! There are so many new features that I think will get you excited too! Here just a few to get you excited.

  • Improved Siri

  • Apple Pay is now the new Venmo (you can send and receive money to people via text from Apple Pay)

  • Messages in the cloud (save phone storage - no need to delete messages you 16GBers!)

  • Newly designed App Store

  • Apple Music now has Spotify capabilities with interacting with friends

  • Drag & drop, more icons on dock, and much more squealing features for the iPad

  • ARKit

New iPad Pro

Now the new iPad Pro has a 10.5 screen. Same size, but more screen to look at, and better specs than the previous one. In conclusion, I truly believe the iPad Pro will be replacing all laptops. I know at least for me it mostly has.

Apple HomePod Speaker

Did I mention Apple is just crushing it? Their new HomePod seems pretty legit, and it's only for $349 and comes in white and space gray. It's Siri-powered and has an advanced speaker that will fill your room with just the perfect amount of sound. The only catch is you can't get this until December. You now can ask for it for Christmas and save yourself $349.

Beta Program

If you're like me and also don't have patience, you can sign up for their beta program at I would tread lightly as the software will be buggy and may not work correctly.

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