Affordable & Fabulous Cosmetics For Teens

Your teen faces obstacles at school every day. Not to mention the stress that comes with their education and social situations. Their cosmetics don’t have to be a problem for them. When they’re worried about the little things, they won’t be at their best. Their confidence should be at its peak. These great products will keep them sharp and look their best. It's the confidence booster they need.

E.L.F Poreless Face Primer- Small $6


This poreless face primer is going to be your teen’s best friend. For a teen, it’s hard to keep smooth, silky skin for makeup application. This primer will be the perfect long-lasting base they need for their cover-up. By covering up all their embarrassing pores, they will use less product. A small amount is all you need of the vitamin infused primer. Their makeup time will go by faster so they can avoid late slips.



No teen’s eyebrows are the same. They come in many shapes and sizes so it’s hard to decide on the product that fits your unique teen. Whether big or small, the NYX micro brow pencil is their go-to. This brow pencil will give them the fabulous, natural look they desire. Because of the small point, they can work on their brows to their own style.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus™ Foundation $6


Doesn’t matter what day of the year, first or last, your teen needs to be selfie-ready. With Wet n Wild’s photo focus foundation, they will be. This foundation tested in many different light effects for perfection. They found it! Your teen will always be photogenic with this foundation.

Wet n Wild Prismatic Lipstick $4


Unicorns have been trending and may never stop. So you want your teen up-to-date with the latest. Wet n Wild has offered two unicorns inspired lipsticks. These colors are exactly iridescent so no heavy colors here. They can wear as is or mix with their favorite lip product. Their lips will shine.



Your teen may be either a pro at contour or new to it. This contour palette by L.A. colors will make them glow despite their experience. There are many different shades within each palette. These shades help your teen define their face and gain that confidence to take on the school day. The palette also includes a helpful tutorial in case they need some help.

L.A. Girl HD Pro Concealer $5


Teens have on/off face routines. They stay up late and do everything they're not supposed to which can damage the skin apperance. L.A. Girl’s HD pro concealer will help them hide those imperfections. No flaw should keep them from their full confidence. L.A. Girl has many colors that will blend with your teen’s skin and give them that natural look. Your teen wants their peers to pay attention to their hard work, not their breakouts.

Physicians Formula Baked Collection® Wet/Dry Eyeshadow $4


It’s hard to find the right eye shadow for your teen. Some colors are too bright, other’s cause problem to their glasses or contacts. Physician Formula’s Baked Collection is perfect for wet or dry application. The eye shadow shades are easy on the eyes. Not too dramatic, and super safe for your teen’s eye wear. Physicians Formula helps those who have certain allergies and sensitivities.

Physicians Formula #InstaReady Glide-On Gel Eyeliner $6


Every teen needs her best eye definer eyeliner. Look no further than Physicians Formula’s gel eyeliner. This eye liner gives a smooth glide-on application so there will be little room for error. This hypoallergenic eyeliner will last longer than after school activities. Dermatologist approved and tested.

Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect Mascara $5


Our teens are royalty. We want the world to know. They want to look it for the entire student body. Essence’s Lash Mascara will give them the most volume for their lashes. Their eyes will pop! This product replaces false lashes and the embarrassing accidents that come with them. Your teen will go all out with a natural look and feel to their lashes.