Achieving Whiter Teeth At Home with Express Smile Atlanta

Let's be honest here, who dosen't love to look in the mirror or pictures and see their teeth white? The horror of seeing a spec of yellow on your teeth can cause some damange to some. But what can you do about it? You've tried whitening toothpastes, whitening kits, oil pooling, and the list goes on and on. Unless you want to cough up thousands of dollars your best bet is to pray to God to make your teeth white over night. Unfortunately, that may not happen, or may (we all can only hope for a miracle).Something I stumble upon has restored my faith in at-home teeth whitening. No, it's not Crest's Whitening Strips or another DIY recipe for tears. It's a legit at-home whitening kit with a LED light! All the celebrities are talking about it (so that makes it 200 times better, ha).Anyways, I was really excited to try it out when I got it in the mail. So what is this at-home kit I talk about that is not only easy to use but affordable? Located on College Park in Atlanta, Georgia, Express Smile Atlanta is what all the celebrities are using to keep their teeth white at home. Not only can you say you use the same whitening kit as your favorite celebrity you can now save yourself a couple of hundred of dollars and the trip to the dentist.So, I've got to admit when I first tried it I was like is this even going to work? To my amaze I did see a slight difference on my first day. After recording my journey on SnapChat and Instagram Stories I was surprised to see another friend had tried it and was an avid user of the kit and gave me some good pointers for stopping the endless drooling that came with using the kit. It turns out I was suppose to boil the mouh trays to mold them, but of course, I don't read directions.So what are the perks you might ask? You can achieve your whiter smile in just a few days! If you use it religiously your teeth may turn translucent. Just kidding, but they will be a beautiful white that won't leave you deleting every photo from your phone. What makes their teeth whitening kit more efficient is their LED light that you use along with the product you put on your mouth. Basically, the whole kit works like this, "The active ingredient in the teeth whitening gel is carbamide peroxide. The peroxide enters the tooth and safely removes stains by whitening the enamel and dentin."


I got the syringe pack where you deposit the gel on the mouth tray and put them in your mouth with the light on. I did mine wrong the first time (as I mentioned before) as I did not boil my mouth trays in water so they can better fit my mouth. Beware, don't skip this step. If you thought getting your teeth cleaned at the dentist with saliva filling up in your mouth was bad this is even worse! So, boiling your mouth trays and practicing taking the air out is very important.Express Smile Atalanta offers different at-home packages and even offers in-store appointments for anyone in the Atlanta, Georgia area. Here are their top packages below!

A Super 4 Pack! $179.99


This pack comes with 4 syringes and four whitening pens, along with the LED light. This is definitely a steal.

At-Home Kit $99.99 ($49.99)


Right now this kit is on sale, and I think it's a great kit to buy if you want to try it out. The beauty of the syringes is you don't use the whole thing on one process. I think I used about one-third of mine, so I had in total I had three processes for one syringe.

Mini Teeth Whitening Kit $49.99 


This kit is another great starter. It comes with the whitening pen instead of the syringe. My friend said she used this one, and to be honest, it looks a lot easier than using the syringes.You can go to their website to check out everything in their store.


This very helpful video will be useful if you already have the kit but hit a wall on how to use it or considering buying the kit. you're looking for a good at-home teeth whitening kit, this is the one you should try. I've tried numerous types of whitening tactics and this one seems to be the most promising. Though my teeth are closer to white than yellow, I still want to maintain the off white teeth status and possibly reach that state of having white teeth.Right now their site has several promotion you should look at and if you decide to purchase anything in their store there's a 10% off coupon (use Take10 at checkout)! Because who doesn't like getting things for less than they're really are?Have you used Express Smile Atlanta before? Let us know your journey below!