Why It Is Acceptable to Have Many Interests & Career Goals

If you are an individual who has always been interested in multiple areas and even has many career goals, you are not alone. With everything in the world that you can learn, do, and try, it becomes compelling to want to try them all. In fact, it can be very beneficial to have a myriad of interests and career goals.

Interests Make Life More Interesting

Having many interests means that you will never be bored. There will always be something for you to do or something new to learn. The world and even life itself will continue to intrigue you. For example, some of my many interests involve writing, singing, playing musical instruments, cooking, taking pictures, and being involved with fitness to name a few. Some of these are passions whereas others are hobbies. Some have been life-long passions whereas others are newer ones. It is all about evolving in your life to learn more about yourself and your interests to make the world a richer place for you.

Evolving Your Career Goals

Your career goals may change as you get older from when you were younger. Perhaps you may even consider a career in a different field. Or you may decide to get a job with increasing responsibilities, going from an entry-level job to a manager. Perhaps you will need more education or experience. That is fine as long as you are doing what makes you happy.

Remember to Enjoy the New Experiences

Life is about growing, evolving, and changing. As your life changes, your interests and career goals might change, or they might even stay the same. But there is nothing wrong with having many or new interests and goals that come along. New experiences are a part of life.