A Day in San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is one of the most known cities in the state of Texas. It has a great amount of history and a lot of exciting things for families to do as well.  I want to share what a day in San Antonio looks like.



The Riverwalk is such an enchanting and beautiful place. It is a river that runs through all downtown. You have the option of walking or taking the boat ride. Boats are $10 per person, and the tour lasts about thirty minutes or so. I choose the boat! It was such an amazing experience. You're able to look at the restaurants and buildings in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. If you are in San Antonio, this is a must!

The Alamo


The Alamo is one of the most interesting places to visit. It might be small but it has the whole history of Texas in its walls. It has beautiful gardens, museums, and tons of history. It is free to enter. Be ready to learn. Just a heads up inside the church you cannot use cameras.  The outside area and the other museums you will be able to.  Take some time and learn where it all started and how the great state of Texas came to be.

Basketball Fans

If you are a sports fanatic, you should not lose the opportunity to either go to a game or just enjoy a tour of the stadium. For tours, please call ahead since they have specific dates they open to the public for tours. The price is around $20 per person, and they only offer tours once a month. Be prepared and plan.

Sea World


This one alone probably could take the whole day! Sea World of San Antonio is an amazing park for the entire families. My advice will be to buy the tickets online. Average ticket price purchased in advance are around fifty-seven dollars. They provide a discount for buying at least three days in advance. Keep in mind that as with any other park things are expensive. They have good options when it comes to buying food passes for the day as well, such as a drink with unlimited refills throughout the day. You can bring your own things as well. I was surprised at this I thought you couldn’t, but they do let you.I liked that it not only has the famous Shamu show it also has a show with all types of animals. Don’t forget the swimsuit because there are amazing rides that you can participate in as well. Most of them will get you soaked so be ready. You have the option of renting lockers.



If you are interested in swimming with dolphins, they have that available as well. Cost is one hundred and twenty-five dollars. It gives you the opportunity to swim with them and interact with dolphins for twenty minutes.  After already paying the entrance fee, that is a little steep for my liking. But if this is something that you’ve always wanted to do, here is your chance!San Antonio has a lot to offer in a friendly and family-oriented atmosphere. I didn’t even get to share the restaurants! But I did enjoy a very good Greek Restaurant called Demo’s Greek Food at Blanco Road the service is amazing, and their lamb is cooked and seasoned to perfection. Hope you have an amazing time visiting San Antonio and share some other choices with us!