A Brief History of Netflix

Perhaps no company has made a larger impact on the future of film and television as Netflix has this decade. A company that is just celebrating its twentieth birthday has made huge leaps and bounds since its inception. Everyone knows about Netflix, and several major stars have signed contracts to star in films and series for the premier on demand company. Here is a brief history on Netflix, which has a brief enough history as it is.

Warning: DVD Fragile

Netflix was founded in August of 1997 by Marc Rudolph and Reed Hastings, after testing shipping a DVD in the mail. When it didn't break, they began their business shipping DVD's in the mail for rentals, making it easy to rent from your home. Another unique feature was the ability to rent as many movies as you want for a flat monthly fee. If you watch a lot of movies in a month, you will save a great deal of money in comparison to popular video stores.

A Blockbuster Acquisition

Hindsight is everything, and I'm sure Blockbuster executives will tell everyone that in order to sleep at night. In the year 2000, Blockbuster was still the top home entertainment and movie rental company in the world. Netflix was a promising upstart, and several generations were not exactly ready to go online and get movies through the mail. Brick and mortar were on borrowed time, and Blockbuster could've secured its future. Instead, they turned down an offer to purchase Netflix for 50 million dollars, a paltry number that would've been the steal of the century. Now, Blockbuster is down to less than 10 stores, and Netflix is worth 2 billion dollars and climbing.

Video On Demand & the Future

With the wireless internet making video on demand the next big thing, Netflix capitalized in a huge way. For a flat subscription fee, similar to their DVD service, customers had full access to Netflix's extensive library of movies and series. Binge watching popular shows and new release movies gained Netflix, a huge number of monthly subscribers. House Of Cards, Making Of A Murderer, and Orange Is The New Black are just a few original series that have gained them a reputation as a premium content producer. These shows have won multiple awards and keep Netflix relevant just beyond their acquired content.This brief history shows that with a vision and some forward thinking; you can make a media giant in a short period. Granted, they may be a particular case. However, don't discredit your chances to succeed with some ingenuity and looking to the future.