5 Summer Flats That Won't Hurt Your Feet

Summer is here, so that means it's time for warmer weather, longer nights and lifetime memories. Our top priority when dressing for the summer is keeping cool and looking cute while doing so. No one likes to be sweaty and gross. Summertime is the most popular month to show off your latest pedicure. Why not do that in the cutest sandals or flats? Check out some of our top picks of summer flats that won't hurt your feet. We even included some look-alikes so that you can slay just like the ladies below.

Lady in Pink by Ivanka Petrušová


Pairing a flirty dress with these turquoise flats gives a pop of color that makes the outfit a true statement. Who doesn't like making a statement when walking down the middle of downtown?

All the Feels by Jaclynn Brennan


Black flats are a staple piece in anyone's summer wardrobe. They literally go with anything. We love how Jaclynn paired her black flats with her cute boating outfit. In addition, the tie around detail adds some edge to her flirty outfit.

My Look 8 by Erika Sah


Who doesn't love stripes? They can elongate your body and add height to your legs. We love how Erika combined both horizontal and vertical stripes into her outfit. Mix and matching patterns are known to make outfits more edgy and fun.

Finally Summer by Elzara Muslimova


White in the summer gives you the glow that you wish you had. Elzara is definitely glowing in the outfit with her flirty white top and white flats. We love her white flats and buckle detail.

Safari+Neon by Adrienne KL


Cheetah, pink, lime green, and turquoise? Adrienne has broken some rules with this outfit. However, fashion has no rules. Fashion is about you making it work for you. You don't change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you. We love how she paired some unconventional colors together with bright turquoise flats to create a beautiful outfit.Summer can be hot and humid, and the last thing that will be on your mind when it comes to getting dressed. However, you can't let the summer heat or any weather in any season get you down. We love rocking the latest trends and styles, but the important thing is how you feel when you are wearing your outfit.We fully support comfort being key when it comes to any outfit or fashionista. Flats are both cute and comfy. And not only do we support stylish and comfortable, but we also support affordable as well. Don't forget that we've got you covered with the affordable alternatives. Any of the featured outfits speak to you? We've got some similar options below that are sure to take your outfit up a notch. The best thing that you can add to your outfit to own it is confidence.