5 Pumpkin Soup Recipes to Try this Fall

Fall is approaching, and summer never looked so good in my rear view mirror. Fall or autumn is a time where most are surrounded by color, comforting food, pumpkin-flavored everything, and crisp air on an open road. I like fall because it means it's closer to Christmas and that is by far my favorite time of the year. Everyone's spirits are high, there's less negativity, and it's a magical time of the year. But, back to fall. There's no denying the majority of woman (and some men) get excited about pumpkin season. There are pumpkin spiced lattes, pumpkin scented soaps, and lotions, and sweet pumpkin treats. Let us know forget fall is a time for soups and what better way to warm up on a chilly day with some savory and delicious pumpkin soup.

Minimalist Baker's Simple Pumpkin Soup


I've always been a fan of the Dana from the Minimalist Baker. Have you checked her website out? Her recipes are mouth-watering and screaming to be made in your kitchen. It only makes sense for her to keep it simple with her soup, but don't let the word "minimalist" scare you away. This recipe will give you a five-star rating with your guests. This seven ingredient soup is made of pumpkin, coconut milk, maple syrup, spices (salt, black pepper, cinnamon, and nutmeg), veggie stock, shallot, and garlic. This soup is perfect for all of you vegans and vegetarians, and your meat eating friends might not even notice that there's no animal product in it.

Martha Stewart's Pumpkin-Chestnut Soup


How can I not mention Martha Stewarts and her glorious cooking in this post? Martha always knows how to add a twist to her soups, and she outdid herself by adding chestnuts in it. It's like getting a little teaser to winter. She adds homemade chicken stock, whole peeled chestnuts, and dresses her finish soup with roasted, dried no-hull seeds from pumpkins.

Louise's Roasted Pumpkin Soup


Louise kept it simple and traditional. This roasted soup is a sure way to win the hearts of many. It's packed with ginger and turmeric, and it's guaranteed that your guest will be coming back for seconds, maybe even thirds. If your main course is over the top, teasing your guests with this traditional soup will keep them on their toes all the way to dessert.

Kim Coverdale's Thai-Style Pumpkin Soup


Kim's Thai-style soup is the perfect addition to you "different" fall dinner party. With potatoes, Kent pumpkin, cloves, and Thai red curry paste this savory pumpkin soup will have your guest talking until next fall. Look how beautiful this soup looks!

Tieghan Gerard's Cheddar Apple Pumpkin Soup With Sage Popovers


If you're looking for a magnificent presentation, this soup is the way to go. Tieghan puts cheddar in her soup and pours it in edible pumpkins. This pumpkin soup is filled with sweet onions, thyme, apples, nutmeg, and cheddar goodness. If you're looking to get your cheese fix, but still want the sweetness of fall this recipe should be on your fall party list.What is your favorite pumpkin soup to whip up during the fall? Let us know below!SaveSaveSaveSave