The 5 Best Sleeping Positions During Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an incredibly exciting time. Your body is changing, your baby is growing, and all sorts of things are happening, both inside you and around you.  Although this is a magical time, it’s also a very draining one. Pregnancy will bring fatigue throughout your entire pregnancy, but especially during your first trimester.This is the time when the beginning stages of growing occur, and changes are happening pretty quickly. It’s imperative that you make sure that you get the proper rest so that your body can recharge each night and your baby can grow in the way he needs to; this is easier said than done because it is challenging to sleep the bigger and more uncomfortable you get.  The National Sleep Foundation reports that 78% of women report more disturbed sleep during pregnancy than at any other time. Don’t worry, because others have been pregnant before you, and are here to help you with some tips and tricks on how to make the most of an uncomfortable situation.  Here are my tips for the best five sleeping positions during your pregnancy.

Sleep on Your Side

There aren’t many position options when it comes to sleeping— even when you aren’t  pregnant. Most people often prefer to sleep on their back, stomach, side, or in the fetal position. Unfortunately, when you’re pregnant, those options become even more limited.  Sleeping on your back could potentially be dangerous for your spine because of all of the added pressure. Sleeping on your stomach can be potentially hazardous to your baby because of the added weight on your womb, not to mention the circulation and blood-flow that could get restricted to your growing baby.  The best choice is to sleep on your side, and according to WebMD, the left side is the best option for you and your child.

Use a Pregnancy Pillow to Guide You

Rolling over in the middle of the night could have dangerous consequences for everyone, so make sure to use a pregnancy pillow both for comfort and security.  You can put them on either side of you like bumpers at the bowling alley, or behind you to help prop you up on one side, like a large “spoon” in the spooning position.  Another helpful thing that you can do with a pregnancy pillow is to put it in-between your knees for extra comfort and support.  If you aren’t sure which pregnancy pillow is best, check out this helpful list compiled by Sleep Advisor.

Location, Location, Location

I’ve talked about the position that your body should be placed in, but not the position (or location) of where you’ll be. Most people assume that the bed is the right choice, but as you progress and grow throughout your pregnancy, you might find that you are more comfortable on a couch or in an armchair.  Pick the location that’s the most comfortable for you, and it might have something to do with the temperature of the room, air flow into the room, ease of getting onto and off of the sleeping surface, or even with how far the chair can recline.  Try out every guest bedroom and sleeping room inside your home until you find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable at night.

Sleep Any Place Where You Have Someone To Help You

There’s no shame in asking for help.  You’re pregnant, and you shouldn’t have to go through this trying time alone.  If you’re married, sleep somewhere that your spouse can help you.  If you aren’t, feel free to stay with a friend, a parent, or another loved one. You shouldn’t even hesitate to ask someone for more covers, a blanket, an extra sheet, help to change the bed, or a glass of water.  It’s a lot harder for you to move around than it is for other people, and people will be extremely cooperative and understanding of this fact.

Sleep Anywhere You Can Relax

The most important thing is to sleep somewhere that you feel comfortable and relaxed.  If you need to change your bedding to get a more relaxation or comfortable environment, that’s something to explore.  You can try taking a hot shower or drinking a hot, sleepy time herbal tea before bed.  You can also try investing in a white noise machine or noise canceling headphones, or a spa music cd.  Anything that makes this time easier for you is worth it because it will ultimately help baby’s health and wellness in the long run if you’re better rested.I know that sleeping while pregnant is difficult, but the most important thing to remember is that this situation is temporary.  In less than nine months, you will have a beautiful baby (or maybe even more than one), and you’ll have a different set of challenges to deal with.  Appreciate this time for its own unique qualities, and follow the tips for adjusting your position to make you more comfortable, and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time at all!