36 Hours in Page, Arizona


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The curvatures of Antelope Canyon, a hidden desert dream that’s nestled within the barren landscapes of Page, Arizona. Photo taken by Kyley Warren.

Drive a few hours North on historic Route 66, and you'll find yourself in Page-- a quintessential, southwestern gem that’s nuzzled along the Arizona and Utah border. The small town boasts some of the most iconic red-rock formations in the country. Case in point: the above photo. While Antelope Canyon might be the most well-known attraction of the small town, a city this unique has more than a few hidden gems. It's not enough to just conduct some background research on the Internet, though. You see, for all of its desert charm, Page isn't exactly at the top of travelers' dream-destination lists. However, that doesn't mean that it shouldn’t be. 

All it takes is 36 hours to fall in love with this desolate oasis. And as an Arizona native and a frequent visitor to this sweet town, I know all of the tips and tricks to ensure that you enjoy every minute in Page. 

Antelope Canyon

Arizona is quite strange and beautiful. Whether you’re gallivanting through the state’s lush wine country in southern Arizona, or you’re bar hopping through the colorful, socialite province of Scottsdale, you can do everything and anything in this state. I'll admit, I regularly complain about the heat waves that roll through during the summer. However, for as much as I complain, the truth is that Arizona is and always will be home. And the stunning, sweet roadside towns and northern cities that comprise the state make up for the often-unbearable temperatures. 

And just east of Page, on the Navajo reservation, lies Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. The two canyons are the result of sand, water and wind, eroding together to form a seamless masterpiece of sunbeams and sandstone. The crisp curvatures pierce the cloudless skies, and the landscape feels more like a glimpse of the surface of Mars, rather than of just an average southwest town. 

Tours are required to explore the canyons. So for more information, be sure to visit the Antelope Slot Canyon Tours official website.

Horseshoe Bend

Is an afternoon at Horseshoe Bend really as cool as it sounds? The simple answer is 'heck, yes!' A meander of the Colorado River equated into a photo hotspot for locals and tourists, alike. Horseshoe Bend is an unexpected canvas of gentle colors and bold corners-- a complex dwelling concealed along the Arizona and Utah border. 

The Bend is also an unexpected find. Because of its location, most tourists pass right by without even knowing what they missed. Make sure you do some deep research ahead of time so that you know exactly where to park and walk to visit this beloved spot.

For more information, be sure to visit the Horseshoe Bend official website.

Lake Powell

The contrast of red rock buttes against azure skies, makes this one of the most unique and charming destinations in Arizona. With dozens of recreational water activities and rugged backroads to explore, Lake Powell has an adventure fit for every wandering nomad.

For more information on all that Lake Powell has to offer, make sure that you visit their official website.