Why You Should Do 30 Minutes of Exercise a Day

Finding the time to get a workout in can be tough in the day to day grind, however, there are massive benefits to just thirty minutes of exercise a day. Here are some of the benefits of finding a half hour to exercise:

Weight Loss

A study observed by WebMD suggests that thirty minutes of exercise a day can help you lose weight. According to the study, the findings suggest that people may have more energy because of the shorter workouts. This can lead to additional activity throughout the day rather than burn out in one big sixty-minute fitness fest. The caveat is that you have to work hard enough to sweat for the majority of the workout so that it will be a tough test.

Establishing Routine

Thirty minutes of exercise a day is a small commitment in the grand scheme. Finding the time to commit to fitness will help you get into a routine. If your goal is to create a healthier lifestyle for yourself, routines are an excellent foundation to build on. A thirty minute routine per day will help to create the discipline and interest while generating enough results to feel relevant. Push yourself to establish this initial routine, and then build on it later when it becomes too easy.

Post-Workout High

A good, hard workout will release endorphins and create those feel-good sensations that fitness enthusiasts compare to a high. These endorphins can help you shake off the cobwebs of the early morning drag, and make your overall day feel less dull. Your mood will improve, mental reactions will be quicker, and you will have an air of confidence that comes with completing a challenging workout. Everyone wants the physical differences from getting fit, but never disregard the difference it makes with your state of mind.

Wear Yourself Out

Many Americans struggle with sleep-related disorders where they have difficulty going to bed at a decent time and getting enough rest. One way to wear yourself out is to have a hard workout in the evening. Even a thirty-minute workout can tire you out if you achieve the right level of intensity. Finding a good time in the evening to commit to a quick routine could improve your sleep habits. Just make sure you leave plenty of time between when you workout and your bedtime. Otherwise, the endorphins that come with the post workout high will make sleep even more difficult.

Socialize or Find Your Zen

Fitness is your focus, but you are likely to meet other gym-goers if you find the time to commit to your thirty-minute routine. Getting into the gym can be a great way to find like-minded individuals and fitness partners. On the flip-side, this thirty minutes could become your alone time. Having time to yourself to build and grow as an individual can be a refreshing portion of your day to have. No matter how you approach the social aspect of fitness, a shorter, intense workout can fit comfortably into a schedule to do either. Want some great ways to burn calories? Click here to see some of the best exercises measured by calories burned!