3 Things to Look for in a Weightlifting Belt

A weightlifting belt is an important piece of gear for lifting. But not just any belt will do. Here are three things to look for when buying a belt for lifting:

Same Sized Belt All The Way Around

Weightlifting belts were thought of as solely lumbar and lower back support at first. This is not the case. A proper weightlifting belt should be even all the way around the midsection. These belts help to provide total core stability and act as something to push against while keeping your core tight. Belts that are smaller in front and wider in back, or vice versa, lack the stability of a belt with the same dimensions. Try to find a belt that fits snugly, but does not constrict.

Comfortable Material

Weightlifting belts will be fitting quite snug around the midsection and should be tight against the body. Depending on the exercises in your set, you may be wearing the belt awhile, though you should not wear it the whole time. This article by Bodybuilding.com will tell you why. Try to find sturdy, but comfortable belts out of a fairly flexible material. The belt should fit securely around your abs and lower back, not at the hips. Always be sure you are wearing the belt right, and tighten it to secure your core.

Avoid Overpricing

Buying a mid-priced weightlifting belt is the way to go. Low-end belts can do the job but can be poorly made. This could mean they are not comfortable, or unreliable as you go up in weight. The last thing you want is to buy a cheap belt and have it explode off your waist at the wrong time. That being said, buying a top-end belt may be a waste of money for the average lifter. Until you are going into the heavy, heavy zone of compound lifts, a mid-rate belt will do the job without tearing itself apart to support you.Want to know more about lifting equipment? Click here to read about weight room accessories that can help you break plateaus.