3 Major Benefits of The Deadlift Exercise

The deadlift is an excellent compound exercise for your back, legs, and core. However, there are even more benefits to doing deadlifts. Here are three major ones that can have a serious impact on your fitness:

Works For All Major Muscles Groups

People primarily refer to the deadlift as a back, legs and core exercise. However, deadlifts actually require work from every major muscle group in your body. You must use every part of your body in order to stabilize the weight and perform the movement itself. The deadlift does work for certain muscle groups more than others, but it is the epitome of a full body exercise.

Great Functional Strength Builder

Deadlifts are a natural movement that you perform almost daily with lifting up or pulling something toward you. Building functional strength brings noticeable changes to the workplace and athletic performance that involves similar movement. Deadlifts are therefore excellent for improving your capacity to lift and carry objects, while also providing you with strength useful in nearly every sporting arena. Deadlifts also promote gains in other muscle groups through repeated training, and by overlapping with other exercises that focus specific groups. Adding any variation of the exercise will help to create this impact on your fitness. Deadlifting also improves your grip strength.

Simple, Easy to Perform

On top of being one of the best all-around full body exercises, deadlifts are very simple to perform. All one needs is a bar and enough weight to make the difference. No special equipment, no machines, and no accessories. Just one barbell and some weights. The exercise also only has one simple, repetitious motion. It is vital for safety that this motion is done correctly, but it is simple to learn and apply. Deadlifts can be done basically anywhere, and do not require much more prep than warm-ups and a stretch. Want to learn about recovering from gym injuries? Click here to read about ways to protect yourself and recover.