3 Important Accessories for Basketball Players

Basketball is a fantastic sport for fun and cardio. Playing the game never feels like a workout, and keeps you interested through the pace and creativity of the game. Here are three accessories that can help your skills in a variety of ways.

Ankle/Knee Braces

Any basketball player will tell you that the ankles and knees are heavily relied upon throughout the game. The constant cutting, jumping and sprinting puts stress on these locations. Wear and tear can lead to injury, sometimes catastrophic; an Achilles Tendon or ACL tear can be brutally painful, and affect lifelong movement. So, as a rule, it is important to protect these vital locations. Ankle and knee braces can provide this protection. While some of them are clunky, it is hardly difficult to find a comfortable, reliable brace for an affordable price. Peace of mind on the court helps you make better decisions, and gives greater effort without as much fear of injury.

Compression Clothing

Compression clothing, be it shorts or otherwise, can have a variety of effects on your game. This clothing typically balances temperature, providing either a warming or cooling effect, and reduces swelling. This also prevents uncomfortable contact between the skin and clothing that sometimes happens during fast-paced sports. Other possible effects include increased rate of recovery post workout and joint stabilization to prevent injury.

Basketball Goggles

For those people who have problems with their eyesight, corrective lenses for sports are an essential accessory. Some people may feel tempted to play in glasses, but basketball has plenty of contact for not being considered a contact sport. One wrong bump or collision could leave your glasses broken. Sports lenses, whether they are goggles, simple contacts or glasses, are designed to weather such force while providing you with the vision you need to perform on the court.