2017 Fall Makeup Trends

Fall is almost here! Wave goodbye to the pool parties and the natural makeup look, and say hello to the latest fall, makeup trends. With Fall 2017 around the corner, the fresh and essential fads of the season will make any makeup fanatic’s heart flutter. Having a makeup-obsessed roommate has allowed me to learn brilliant makeup tips and helped me master makeup techniques that are perfect for fall.

Matte Foundation

Summer is quickly fading away along with the dewy makeup look. Matte foundation is an essential fall trend. Not only is this a good technique for those who suffer from oily skin, but it is also a staple makeup look for the fall. Matte foundation whisks away oil and sweat while giving the face a powdered texture. Additionally, it brightens the face, which is favorable for those cold, gloomy fall days.


Contouring, a basic fall trend, is mandatory for any makeup enthusiast during the upcoming season. Since fall brings the no-makeup look to an end, contouring is a fantastic way to début a full-faced makeup look. Contouring brings out the structures in the face by sharpening the cheekbones and jawline; basically, it makes a face look slimmer. Contouring is mainly used under the cheekbones, but to get an even more dramatic look, contour the sides of the nose, jawline, and forehead. Then, blend upwards so that there are no harsh lines.

Baking the Face

Baking, or cooking, the face is a famous technique used in the makeup community. Its main purpose is to keep a face of makeup intact. Considering fall welcomes more dramatic and adventurous makeup styles, baking is a leading trend to keep you looking flawless all day long. Remember to apply matte foundation and contour first. To bake the face, invest in translucent powder. Apply a thick amount of the translucent powder under the eyes, chin, and unibrow area. Let the powder sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then, lightly brush the excess powder off the face. With this technique, a fall makeup look will withstand any daily activities.

Winged Eyeliner

Because of it's a more formal vibe, winged eyeliner can enhance your makeup look with just a swipe of liner. This makeup trend is excellent for autumn since the more casual, summery looks are vanishing into the past. Winged liner creates a more dramatic look for fall and can be used with or without other makeup techniques. When you are in a rush, forget to apply eye shadow, and instead, reach for eyeliner. With a flick-of-the-wrist, you have a put together makeup look in seconds. It can seem like an expert-only technique, but with practice and the right advice, anyone can conquer winged eyeliner. Here are a few tips: remember to keep your eyes slightly open and to look forward when applying the liner. This way, you will be able to see where the wing falls when your eyes are open. Also, aim to create a thin line above the eye. Winged eyeliner is an intense look, so if the line is too thick, it becomes overly dramatic and messy.

Lower Lash Line Eye Shadow

Like winged liner, a lower lash line eye shadow is ideal for vamping up your makeup look and getting ready for fall. It is a new trend professional makeup artists adore. To pull off the trend, use a dark eye shadow color in the crease of your eye. Then, blend a thin line with the same dark color to the outer-corner of your lower lash line. Apply the lighter shades in your crease towards the tear duct of your lower lash line. Never forget to blend the various eye shadows so that the final look is a flawless ombré.

Eyeliner Applied on the Waterline

Eyeliner applied on the waterline of your eye is a makeup technique that will pull your entire makeup look together. Use black or brown eyeliner to add an even more dramatic effect. Eyeliner on the waterline gives the appearance of slightly larger eyes. Do not be afraid to get close to the eye itself. By completing this simple and quick step, you can improve your eye makeup appearance entirely.

Dark, Matte Lipstick

There is no better way to spice up your makeup for fall then using dark, matte lipsticks. Dark lips scream fall. Fall 2017 trendy colors are maroons, browns and ruby red. A favorable aspect of this trend is that lipstick is easily applied. Even with no makeup experience or practice, you can apply lipstick, which is why it is perfect for beginners who want to intensify their fall makeup look. An extra tip is investing in lip liner; lip liner will keep your lipstick neat while adding a fuller appearance to your lips.


Highlighting is currently a huge trend all season long. Its purpose is to carry light to certain features of the face. It should be the last step of a makeup routine. Lightly apply highlight on the tops of the cheekbones and nose. When highlighting the nose, dot the tip and make a thin line going down the bridge; you are making the shape of an exclamation point. Then, blend. You can also apply highlight to the cupid’s bow of the lip and a small amount to the eyebrow bone to enhance the makeup look.