10 Wearable Street Style Outfits

The fall season is upon us. At last, it's time to enjoy pumpkin flavored (everything), watch the leaves blow and rock our favorite fall trends. So, take your leather, denim, and boots from the storage and get ready to look your best this year. To help you with this mission, we gathered our favorite wearable celebrity street styles. You probably have a lot of the clothing items. But just in case, we included cheap alternatives for several pieces. Make sure you pin your favorite outfits and let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below!

Sporty Chic Black: Ashley Graham


The lovely Ashley Graham radiates beauty and confidence. "Curvy girls can look great in looser-fitting clothes; you don't always have to wear body-con. The trick is that if I'm wearing a baggy top and bottom, the top is short. If it hits around your belly button or slightly above, you create the illusion of a natural waist with the clothing.", said Ashley in an interview with Glamour.To get Ashley's sporty-chic look, check-out these two items: (Hollister; $16.95 and Forever21; $11)

Dark Neutral: Emily Ratajkowski


Supermodel and actress Emily Ratajkowski always encourage women to be comfortable in their own bodies. "I started modeling when I was - not older, but not 12. I have a mom who's a feminist - she's an English professor, an intellectual. She really gave me the equipment to understand that you can celebrate yourself without putting yourself down or need to apologize for the way you look. I think that attitude is really crucial for a model.", she declared on Esquire.If you want to achieve Emily's airport look, check these items out: (Garage Clothing; $69.95 and Shein; $35)

Floral Leather: Eiza González


Mexican beauty, Eiza González who stars in Baby Drive with Jamie Foxx, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Ansel Elgort is also a talented singer. Vanity Fair reported that Eiza's father passed away when she was 12. That's when she used acting classes as an escape, as a therapy. Subsequently, when she was 13, she told her mother that she wants to be an actress. Eiza starred in a  teen-musical telenovelaLola, Érase una Vez and that's when her career took off.For Eiza's soft rock look, floral long sleeve and a good-fitted black denim jeans should do the trick: (Shein; $17 and Missguided; $57)

Statement Jacket: Demi Lovato


The talented singer and actress Demi Lovato said the following on Teen Vogue: “For a long time, I was pretending to be someone that I wasn't, and I was miserable. When I came out and said, 'I'm human, I've got problems, but I'm willing to share them,' that's when I started to really connect.”Remember, you can always make your own graffiti customized jacket, just use an old denim jacket or a cheap one and follow a tutorial online (watch here).  Here are few examples on how to rock Demi's outfit: (Missguided; $86 and Yesstyle; $21.76)

Strong & Confident: Sara Sampaio


The Portuguese brunette has been involved in charity organization like Save the Children. She is also an animals' advocate. Sara has always been outspoken about body image on social media. "Don't ever be ashamed of things you can't change", she said on Twitter referring to her stretch marks.Here's where you can buy similar pieces to get Sara's look: (Boohoo; $66 and H&M; $39.99) 

Pop of Red: Olivia Palermo


Let's be honest, Olivia has a great fashion sense and she's willing to take risks. "I definitely don’t leave the house until I’m fully pulled together...I start my day fully dressed and ready to go. You never know where the day leaves you. That’s how my mother is; I definitely learned from her...I just get dressed for myself and my environment for the day — what I’m feeling for the moment.”, she revealed on Pop Sugar.No need to spend a ton of money, here are a few cheap alternatives for Olivia's look: (Charlotterusse; $25 and Yesstyle; $30.31)

Fall Shorts: Olivia Munn


Talented and stylish actress Olivia Munn revealed that she didn't have it easy in the acting world. "I came out to LA and I didn't know anybody. I grew up in a military family of five kids. We didn't have a lot of money. My mom didn't encourage me to get into the theater or do any of those things. I'm first generation American. I came out to California, and I tried to do the best with the opportunities I was given.", expressed Olivia on Elle.In case you don't have Munn's shorts and jacket, here's where you can get similar styles:  (Windsor Store; $39.90 and Romwe; $13.99)

Classic Leather: Lucy Hale


Lucy said she does feel pressure when young people look up to her, but she also lives her life without trying to please everyone."I had to grow up and make my mistakes and certain decisions in the public eye. And luckily I've sort of kept it together! I'm at a place now where I've figured out who I am and what I stand for, and that's maybe why people do look up to me in a way. I don't shy away from anything. I try to talk about how I really feel. That's why I think people like Demi Lovato are so cool. She is who she is, and that's why she's such a great role model...Real people aren't perfect; they fall down and mess up and screw up. Those are the kind of people that I look to, and I've always aspired to just be authentic.", said the Pretty Little Liars star on Elle.For Lucy's look, use a leather jacket you already own and add these pieces: (Windsor Store; $19.90 and Shein; $11)

Chill Out Day Chic: Hilary Duff


When Style Caster asked Hilary what is happiness to her, she responded: "Balance. I think when I feel balanced with family and work and having enough time for myself, that is happiness to me. ’Cause those are all elements that mean everything to me, so when it’s just cruising along at a nice balanced pace, I think I feel my most happy."We know Hilary's Celine Belt Mini Bag is stunning and it’s very difficult to encounter a cross-body with a similar style. However, any white bag can help you achieve this relaxed, fashionable look. Here is an example: (Shein; $12 and Amazon; $44.55 - $99)

Coat as Focal Point: Halle Berry


“I like getting dressed up. I’m that girl. Now I get to do it through my daughter...'”, Halle said on Showbiz Shelly. Also, she had to work extra hard to earn her place as an actress. "I took on roles early on that really didn't rely on my physical self at all and that was a good way to sort of get some credibility within my industry", she said in W Magazine.This Rachel Zoe Agatha Coat that Halle is wearing costs $666! But that doesn't mean you can't find similar styles for cheaper. Here's an example of a coat you can rock with leather pants: (Boohoo; $76 and Missguided; $54)