10 Beautiful Indie Songs You Should Listen To

In an article titled 'What Is Music Therapy & How Can It Help You?' we talked about the importance of music in our lives and how even listening to songs to evoke negative emotions can be therapeutic. So we’re sharing our top 12 underrated indie alternative songs from the last few years. A lot of them are positive, spiritual and encouraging. To listen to the songs on Youtube, click the related cover images.

Ben Howard - Conrad

Talented Ben Howard has made a masterpiece with this one. Conrad is peaceful, emotional and simply magical. It's "an amazing mix of both the meditative electric guitar progression and a more lighthearted vibe. Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s story The Tale, Howard constructs what might be one of the best songs on the album with lyrical imagery that relates to the story.", (The Tringle).Listen on Spotify.

Elliot Root - Lost Man Running

This track is from Elliot Root’s ‘Conjure’ album which dropped this past summer. The song (as if it’s self-talk), takes the listeners to a place they’re afraid to visit within themselves. There is a relief when the audience realize that being lost is just a part of the human condition and that no one is alone in this. “I think at a certain point everyone knows what it feels like to be lost. There seems to be a cultural stigma attached to actually admitting that. Sometimes it can feel like we are programmed to be ashamed of asking for help.”, said lead singer Scott Krueger.Listen on Spotify.

Benji Lewis - Drift

Drift by Benji Lewis will put listeners in a positive mood instantly! Not only does it sound beautiful, but the lyrics are also brilliant. Music lovers can even dance to this one. "For me, a lot of my happiness is in the sun, being around good people, and being by the water. All of that slipped into the lyrics as well. I hope it brings some of that peace and happiness to those who hear it.' stated Benji.Listen on Spotify.

Grouplove - Enlighten Me

Another great song to listen to is by Grouplove. It's about starting over, about change and learning. "When I first heard “Enlighten Me,” it felt important. I was hoping that was going to be important for everybody, and that people would latch on to that one. And it seems that (it has) so far! I know that it’s pulled emotions out of me that was really exciting. I was really excited to explore those with my friends and kind of dive deeper into it. (“Enlighten Me”) tugs at the heartstrings a little bit. And that would be one that was more cathartic to create, to work in.", said band bassist Daniel Gleason on Daily Cal.Listen on Spotify.

Mondo Cosmo - Shine

Joshua who's known as Mondo Cosmo has put together a fantastic album 'Plastic Soul.' Every song on the album sounds different, feels different and sometimes it doesn't even sound like the same artist. Shine, one of the songs off of 'Plastic Soul' is very vulnerable, very encouraging and very human-like. Even the music video will lift anyone's spirit. Mondo Cosmo is a great lyricist and singer, and his album is worth listening to.Listen on Spotify.

Motopony - Wait for Me

Motopony, an alt-psych band from Seattle that sounds like no other. This song will take people on a journey of emotions as if lead singer Daniel Blue is telling his story while listeners visualize it word-for-word.Listen on Spotify.

ON AN ON - Drifting

A song about disappointment and disappear. However, when the song reaches the bridge and singer Nate Eiesland screams "I gotta get out, I gotta get out," the feelings completely change. The instrumental part gets faster and louder as if it's telling us; there's a light at the end of the tunnel if we make the changes needed.Listen on Spotify.

Lewis del Mar - Painting

The song titled 'Painting' by Lewis del Mar is really about painting. The song is like a metaphor for being happy, carefree and in love.Listen on Spotify.

Paper Route - Balconies

Paper Route has been hitting home this year with their album 'Real Emotion'. Besides the song Chariot, Balconies sounds incredible. Another song to remind us that there's hope. The chorus is the following:"It's the simple things that I can't get rightIt's the hunting heart trying to surviveAnd for every wound, there's a hill to climbCan we reach that high, reach that high"Listen on Spotify.

Fast Romantics - Why We Fight

Fast Romantics is here to remind us Why We Fight in this capitalist world. The music video is also amusing.Listen on Spotify.

RY X - Only

top 12 underrated indie alternative songs

top 12 underrated indie alternative songs

A song by Ry Cuming, an Australian singer-songwriter, and musician. The album ‘Dawn’ is a great sound trip from beginning to end. As a teen, his favorite music was Grunge, and the first album he ever bought was Nirvana because it was so freeing. And listeners can kind of get that “freeing” vibe from his music.Listen on Spotify.Wildcat! Wildcat! - Mr. QuicheIf anyone can put loneliness into words, it would sound like the song Mr. Quiche. At the same time, there's empowerment when the band sings "Get out the way, out the way, I’m a cannonball."Listen on Spotify.SaveSave