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How to Eat Healthy Meals

When it comes to thinking about healthy meals, you immediately imagine fruits, vegetables and protein shakes. Healthy eating does not necessarily imply that you should only eat fruits and vegetables. Eating a healthy meal can be easier than you think.

The Best Fast Food Options At The Grocery Store

People say there are no healthy food options on the go, but that's because they don't consider the grocery store as an option. Depending on the store chosen, you may have several ready to eat meals to choose from, but all stores have the same universal options. Depending on the store you choose, there are some healthy or semi-healthy readily prepared meals ready and waiting.

Parisian Tacos

It’s a taco with heavy meat, cheese, and stuffed with French fries. These tacos resemble Hot Pockets after it's been pressed in the grill. There are chains like Tako King and places that imitate the Parisian Taco.

Why Not Try One of These Meals for One of Your Meals This Weekend?

All of us love great meals whether we are single or have a family. Often we spend many hours wondering what should I cook today or later in the week. For the next few weeks, we will share recipes that will help you put together an awesome meal. Some recipes will be quick and easy, some will be those comfort foods that we love. Others may be ooey and gooey with lots of calories while some will be absolutely healthy.

How to Cook More Often

Let’s be honest, at the end of a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is cooking. You’re tired and just want to flop on the couch. This is why many of us are addicted to takeout and delivery. However, it doesn’t have to be so black and white.

5 Ways to Give Up Fast Food

Ideologically, fast-food has not been good for our culture. It represents the instant gratification instinct that is possessed ubiquitously in social media, fitness, and generally, our ethics. Fast-food is not to blame for the state ragged of our ideals, but it is a factor among many.

Are Carbs Worse for Us Than Sugar?

In the 90s, fat became the enemy and carbs were the most essential item on the food pyramid. In fact, it's come out that the sugar industry paid off scientists to demonize fat. However, doctors eventually panned sugar, and the sugar-free craze was born. And now, science is beginning to discover the negative effects that carbs have on our bodies.

These Are the Best Diets for Women

Hormonal fluctuations, weight gain, mood changes, sound familiar. A sedentary lifestyle has caused great havoc on human mind and body. Women, in particular, are more prone to heart diseases and obesity. To top it all the great American diet hasn’t helped either. Is there a miracle diet out there specifically for women?

3 Chocolate Covered Anything Recipes

Life has a way of knocking us down repeatedly, overwhelming us, frustrating us and even stressing us out. However, you know what's one thing that makes everything better? Chocolate. Whether it's for curing those crazy period cravings, the secret ingredient to your healthy smoothie or just a late treat before bed. Chocolate has the ability to add some extra goodness in a pretty crazy situation.

5 DIY Holiday Gift Ideas

The holiday season is here, so most of us are getting our gifts lined up. However, with all the articles I’ve done on sustainability lately, I wanted to create less waste this holiday season. So I decided I was going to make my gifts. I also wanted them to be affordable and relatively easy to make. Something that’s great about these gifts is that they can be adapted to any religious or cultural preference.