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Write Your New Year’s Resolutions Now

Every year I put off writing my New Year’s Resolutions until it is too late, and then they end up never getting done. I think I subconsciously put off writing them because I know I won’t hold myself to them. But that’s just pathetic! Setting goals is important, especially as Christians, because they help us realign and prioritize our lives. Writing New Year’s Resolutions is almost like setting goals: we revisit the past year and look at what needs improvement. This last year I wrote a set of resolutions; nothing so hard, but the fact that I wrote them down and kept them in a prominent place keeps me accountable. If you write New Year’s Resolutions (or even if you don’t and would like to start) I suggest you start working on writing them right now!

Thanksgiving & Christmas

It’s best to start writing your New Year’s Resolutions now because before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas and then all of a sudden it’s the New Year! If you want your resolutions to be genuine then start before the holiday craziness starts up. Doing them now gives you the time to really focus on writing them. If you wait until later your mind will still be swimming with turkey, family, mistletoe, and presents to the point where your resolutions won’t be very good. You need to be thoughtful and intentional.

Don’t Rush It

Starting now will give you plenty of time to complete them before the New Year. Waiting until the end means you’re just cranking out rubbish instead of heartfelt goals that you can meet and feel good about achieving. Resolutions are better written when you give it a few days to think about. You shouldn’t write your resolutions in one sitting, instead work on it a little every day for the best effect. The more time you can give to writing them the better they’ll be!

Go Write Them!

I would encourage everyone to write New Year’s Resolutions for 2017. They don’t have to be extravagant, especially if you’ve never written any, just start small! Take your time writing them, be thoughtful and intentional, don’t do them in one sitting, but make them count! Keep the list in a prominent, visible place to keep yourself accountable. And most of all, have fun!

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