A Woman’s Responsibility To Young Girls

The day we enter womanhood we hold one of the greatest responsibilities in our hands. That is the responsibility to shape the women of the next generation. It’s importat to remember that young girls look up to us older woman. We fall into the trap of modern day culture of following trends, showing off our sex appeal, and being social media famous. If not us, then who should they be looking up to? Everything we do influences someone else.

What is womanhood?

There is no “one woman fits all” in this world. There are different types of women who through different experiences come to learn the same thing; how to be a strong woman. Teaching young girls how to be unified is one of the many first things we should teach them. Madeleine Albright once said,

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.”

Women should always support each other. Only a woman knows what it’s like to go through the same body changes, most go through motherhood, to work just as hard as a man and not get paid the same, and shamed for our sexuality.

Why Women Should Strive To Be Educated

Girls at a young age need to know the importance of why education should come first. There is nothing more powerful and attractive than an educated woman; being able to learn skills, obtain vast knowledge, handle your finances, and being poised goes a long way in life. Girls at a young age should be focusing on who they want to be as a woman and what they are passionate about instead of how many likes they gets on social media.

We have all been there and done that. For some, this isn’t our first rodeo. So pass on what you have learned. Remind girls to take every opportunity that comes their way, because if they don’t take it someone else will. Advise them to take internships in college, shadow a professional, and do what they need to do to advance.

Why Women Need To Boost A Young Girl’s Self-esteem

Some young girls go through the peer pressure of trying to meet the standards of what the status quo considers to be pretty. Now more than ever girls are able to do a self-comparison through the use of social media. As adults, women have experienced all the physical changes their bodies have gone through from childhood, adolescences, and into adulthood.

When it comes to physical features and a young girl’s self-esteem, speaking to these girls about the changes they will go through before reaching a level of beauty would definitely benefit them. Looks are not everything and instilling that in young girls minds is imperative. As young girls grow into women, they will change in appearance ; it is part of life.

Being bullied for the way you look is never fun, but it shouldn’t be the motivation for these girls to change the way they look according the world’s beauty standards.. Young girls would benefit greatly from receiving advice when it comes to preserving natural beauty. Advice is areas such as messing with their eyebrows, dying their hair, and wearing makeup. Natural beauty can be hard to come across when young girls are busy modifying themselves and trying to adapt to the peer pressure.

Why Woman Should Strive For Independence

Independence is sweet. Being able to take care of yourself as a woman feels rewarding. Having someone in your life for the purpose of enjoying and loving them fills the heart. When looking for that special someone young girls should know that great men find value in a great woman. Always be a great woman.

Sure, we get into our rendezvous, drunken late nights with the ladies, our flings, weekends of travel, obsessions with the latest beauty products or sexiest heels, and sometimes we just throw our morals out the window. But there is a time for that. Let’s shape them into women first.