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How To Winter-Proof Your Makeup

Winter weather can sometimes have an effect on your makeup. The wind, rain, sleet, and snow can smudge and smear your beautiful handiwork. If you have discovered that the weather is ruining your makeup check out these winter-proofing tips to keep your makeup looking good all day long!

Defeat Dull, Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated skin is pretty much a given during the winter months. First of all, to combat your dry skin, be sure to drink plenty of water. Dry patches build up on your skin, so no matter how much makeup you apply, your skin can still look dull. Woman’s Day suggests you gently exfoliate once a week, and follow up with a layer of moisturizer.

Cleanse Carefully

When your skin starts to feel dry during the winter months, mix up your cleansing routine. Woman’s Day recommends using a milky or creamy cleanser instead of a foaming, gel-based one because they don’t have as many skin-stripping detergents.

Moisturize As You Beautify

Foundation can smear when you’re in the snow revealing your dry patches of skin. Don’t apply as much foundation., instead mix equal parts moisturizer and foundation before applying to your skin. Good Housekeeping even recommends using a tinted moisturizer instead.

Don’t Skip Sunscreen

It seems odd to think about needing sunscreen during the winter months, but UV rays are just as damaging in the winter as they are in the summer! Considering the sun-reflecting properties of snow this is especially important while skiing, snowboarding, etc. Use at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

Reduce Redness

Good Housekeeping recommends using a green-tinted moisturizer whenever your face is inflamed from the cold or wind. If your face is only red in small areas, simply apply color-correcting concealer instead. The best moisturizers for calming and treating the pain contain 1% hydrocortisone cream.

Tear-Proof Your Eye Makeup

The wind, sleet, and snow during the winter season can really do a number on your makeup. Allure recommends using waterproof mascara and applying eyeliner and shadow only on upper lids to combat smudging, smearing, and makeup migration.

Set It & Forget It

If your makeup has the tendency of rubbing off onto your coats, scarves, or hats then Allure suggests trying to apply translucent pressed powder on top of your makeup. This will keep it in place and is less messy than using loose powder.

Perfect Your Pout

If your lips tend to become cracked or flaky during the winter then use a tinted lip balm containing sunscreen. If your lips don’t suffer as much during the winter then a moisturizing lipsticks works too. Just don’t use matte or long-wearing lipsticks because they can dry out your lips.

Wake Up Your Complexion

Use blush to wake up your washed-face during the winter. For fair skin try using a soft, peachy shade, and for darker skin try using a terra-cotta shade. Apply to the apples of your cheeks, and be sure to blend towards your cheekbones.

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