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Winter Approved Outfits To Try

With fall ending and winter approaching, you’ll need some outfits that will keep you warm in the ever-dropping temperatures. As it gets colder, it’s easy to let all sense of fashion slip away. We just want to be warm and comfortable. For most of us, warm and comfortable doesn’t equal fashionable. However, there are some outfits you can try that will not lead to compromise.

Button Up & Sweater

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The key to being cute and staying warm is layering. Try a long sleeve button up with a wide-necked sweater. Try a plaid button up with a solid colored sweater for a traditional look. If you want to spice things up, try a solid button up with a patterned sweater. You can even try mixing prints if you’re feeling really bold.

This look can worn with an open coat. The extra layers will keep you warm and your outfit will be shown for all to see. You can rock pants with a cute print or skinny jeans. Flats or boots would be flattering. You can create several different outfits with this simple template.

Long Sleeved Jumpsuits

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If you need more dressy outfits, you don’t have to opt for a dress. There’s no need for your legs to freeze this winter. You can be stylish and warm in a long-sleeved jumpsuit. Jumpsuits provide elegance and can be as dressed up as much as you want them to by adding accessories. Worn with a nice booty or knee high boot and warm trench, it will keep you stylishly warm and comfortable.

Turtleneck and Blanket Scarf

Image Source: Express

Who doesn’t love a good turtleneck? They’re super stylish and comfortable to wear. To ensure that you stay completely warm, wrap a nice blanket scarf around. Try to keep the turtle neck a solid neutral color and use a multi-colored blanket scarf that brings out your skin tone. It’s a simple and easy go to outfit that you can put together on a cold busy morning.

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