Why You Should Worry About Doing Good Rather Than Looking Good

In today’s times of social media and smartphones, it appears that people love to look good rather than actually do good. These fashionistas would instead post a picture or video on social media, showing the world that their life is somewhat perfect when it is actually not so perfect. They will dress in popular styles, taking profile pictures and posting to get many likes and followers instead of dressing well for a job interview. They’ll even post lies about themselves on social media or steal someone else’s profile picture just to look good in the public eye. To do good, you don’t have to do any of these things. There’s many reasons why you shouldn’t worry so much about looking good or boosting your popularity. If you simply put your head down, do good, and accomplish much, the credit and reputation will come.

Keeping Focus

Trying to look good for others will only deter your focus from what’s really important. Looking good in public, on social media, and getting attention for it may be nice, but how is it really helping you in the long run? All the time you spend on taking that fire selfie or acting out that video you’re going to post is only distracting you from other important things. You can be at work, saving up for a new car or to have a couple extra dollars if you ever need it. You can be working on a project or essay that will win you some prestigious honor or a top scholarship. There are loads of things you can be doing that will produce more for you. Knock it off with the selfies, put the phone down, and keep your mind on more productive things.


When you do good, it’s in the results. How can you make a difference; the most significant difference? Trying to look good in the public’s eye on social media or elsewhere for means of bettering your reputation doesn’t result in much fruit for the individual. Reputation doesn’t pay the bills unless you’re a celebrity or some sort of figure who profits off of fame. Reputation can be great for advertisement, networking, or for just feeling the delight within the spotlight. However, it’s better to pay the bills by doing well first. Being famous and having an excellent reputation forever is far from a sure thing.

A Good Habit

Doing good rather than looking good can also form a really good habit as well. When you worry about the results, how they affect everyone and stay focused, you pay the due diligence to acquire excellence. Looking good can have tremendous benefits out in the modern, idolized world of today. However, throwing on some designer brand clothes, posting staged media for likes and followers, and lying about who you are will not get you very far in this life. Putting your head down and worrying about how you can better the things around you is how you get forward in this life. Don’t get distracted by trying to please everyone else in spending great efforts to look good. Worry about paying the bills, doing well in everything you do, and make sure the fruits of your labor are always abundant.