Why You Should Take A Weekend Trip with Friends to Visit New Restaurants

Not too long ago I was aimlessly browsing through Netflix looking for something to watch. I was not looking for anything in particular. Ambling along through the titles, I landed on a British TV show called The Trip. Synopsis of the show revealed two middle-aged semi-celebrities taking a trip through Northern England stopping and sampling local cuisine. One of them was to write about the culinary experience for a London newspaper.

The actors were Steve Coogan (some may recognize him) and Rob Brydon, an even more obscure personality (at least for viewers stateside). The Trip doesn’t have the tantalizing drama of Empire or the nail-biting suspense of the likes of Designated Survivor. But it surprises you with witty comedy and appeals to the aesthetic in you, showing you scenic sights of Northern England. An idea was born from watching this show. I gathered a few of my friends and took a similar road trip close to where we were living.

We planned our trip through the Adirondack region in upstate New York. The trip was planned; we left on a Friday afternoon and had mapped out the places where we intended to stop for meals, and where we would spend the two nights. We were especially keen on selecting establishments that had some character or were recently opened; this included the two Inns that we chose to spend our nights. In The Trip, Coogan and Brydon spend quite a bit of their time on the road making impressions of famous celebrities; performing uncanny reenactments of Al Pacino, Michael Caine, and Jack Nicholson among many others. Their profession is absorbed in movie history; they were doing something that came naturally to them. Our trip involved a lot of catching up and reliving many memories. Nevertheless, it turned out to be an incredibly pleasant trip.

The food we enjoyed was parallel to that in the TV show. In that, we tried all the sought after dishes at each stop we made. Had the waiter explain the preparations, and in some instances got invitations to take a tour of the kitchens. As in the show, we made stops at scenic places; swam in the rivers and lakes; gazed in awe at the New England fall, blanketing the Adirondack mountains with spectacular colors.

The intention was to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and at the same time supporting local restaurants. We may not have had the platform of Coogan to write the praises in a newspaper. But upon our return, we spread the word about the little gems we discovered that everyone should go and enjoy. We were food and travel bloggers for a weekend. The important aspect was to promote hospitality establishments that were close to us, in our state. Coogan and Brydon are on to season 3 of The Trip. After a journey through Italy in season 2, they are embarking on a journey through Spain. Maybe you should plan your trip though your state. I am certain the local restaurants and Inns would be thrilled to host you and share their specialties with you.