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Why You Should Study Abroad

There are a lot of students who go to school which automatically know they want to study abroad. I was no exception; I knew pretty much from the get-go that I wanted my college experience to include an abroad program. However, for those of you who are on the fence, here are some good reasons why you should study abroad:

Now is the Best Time

Because your 20’s are critical development years, it’s good to see the world while you’re shaping your views. You might find that traveling gives you an entirely different perspective on certain things just by living in a foreign place. Furthermore, it’s great to explore as much as you can while you’re young and full of energy to do so. Finally, most study abroad programs save money by including excursions, class fees, and other expenses, so it ends up being cheaper than traveling alone.

You Will Make New Friends

I met some of my current best friends during my trip to London. Studying abroad is starting fresh in a way, so it’s like that first day of school wherein everyone is trying to make friends. Whether it’s someone who’s native to that country or someone else on your trip with you, you’ll be amazed at how you can find commonalities between people who live across the globe from you.

It Looks Impressive on A Resume

It sounds gimmicky, but everything comes down to your experiences. Studying abroad proves to potential employers that you’re willing to take on new challenges and perspectives. It also shows that you’re interested in other cultures, which could lead to international job opportunities. Some study abroad programs even offer internship opportunities, which directly ties you to international work experience.

You Get Total Independence

You grow as a result of studying abroad, no questions asked. Because you rely on yourself to get to the places you need to be, make your own meals, explore on your own terms, etc., you become very independent. When my mother came to visit me in London, she told me how confident I seemed with going around the city and how I was very in my element. The same can happen for you. In losing that dependence on others, you gain newfound confidence and respect for yourself.

Ultimately, studying abroad was the best thing I did in college. There were rough times, but there’s nothing I’d change about it. I found a city that I grew to love and furthermore, I found myself. I can’t recommend it enough.

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