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Why You Should Get Out & Camp

While we all go outside during our daily routines, we haven’t gotten in the habit of staying outside. Usually, it only lasts between going from the car to the house or our job.

We have lost our appreciation for the natural world that surrounds our digitally and artificially fabricated lives. Spending more time outside can bring so many benefits to us. From liberating our stress to a breath of fresh air, going outside will bring flavorful variety back into our lives. One way to do this is to go camping. For some of us, we need the motivation to sleep under the stars. Away from the comfort of our beds, we tend not to camp unless we’re dragged along by an adventurous friend. Camping does take some initial planning and dedication to do it correctly, but the payoff is marginally more exciting than just staying home. Below are a few simple yet helpful reminders to pull us back under the canopy of one hundred billion lights.

Living Off the Grid

Even if just for a few days, camping allows us to disconnect from our digital world for a little while. Our phones, tablets, and computers all place an instantaneous stress on us. Removing these from our minds decompresses us from our daily lives.

Exercise Always Helps

When we tell ourselves we are going to the gym; sometimes we don’t go. We give ourselves an endless list of excuses and false reasons. When we go camping, however, it is an entirely different story; not only does being outside make us feel more active, but also camping promotes hiking. More often than not we must hike or walk to campgrounds. We go camping to explore, and with exploring comes active participation in the world around us.

Don’t Hear Anything? Good!

One of the best perks of camping is the quietness that surrounds our campgrounds. No coffee machines are beeping or work phones going off to distract us from our thoughts. We always need a break, and a few sweet moments of silence rejuvenates us wholly. Even sounds become a sort of peaceful silence. The babbling of a river or the breeze blowing are welcome sounds of nature that calms us.

It’s Relatively Cheap

Obviously one can invest in top-of-the-line gear for the serious camper. Any hobby can cost a fortune if one goes this route. However, camping can be extremely inexpensive, as well. All we need is a tent, something comfortable to sleep on, and some food. Those are the necessities, and everything else is considered a luxury. Saving money on camping can allow us to spend money on activities rather than travel.


One of the best perks of camping is stargazing. Yes, we can  see the stars in the city, but there are so many artificial lights. Street and house lights ruin the real beauty of the stars. Getting out to the woods gives us a blank canvas for viewing the night sky. The dark may be scary for some, but under the stars, one feels incredibly safe and at home.

These are only a few reasons why we should go camping. There are tons of books that touch on camping tools, yet we should just get out there. We can read and watch, but learning never matches doing. As soon as we can get outside, we will never want to come back in.

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