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Why You Should Date The Heartbreaker

Being a heartbreaker is more common these days than showing your true emotions. We glamorize the idea of not caring about each other, even though we might feel the complete opposite. Life is too short to sit around and contemplate every scenario of what could go wrong in a potential relationship. It’s time to jump into the unknown and take a chance on that special someone. Here are reasons why you should go for the guy or girl that might break your heart.

You’ll Grow As A Person

Everything good happens when you step outside your comfort zone. We know that once you start showing your guy/girl that you care, you become open to the possibility of being hurt. Let’s face it, everyone is afraid of being hurt. Vulnerability is scary, but it’s also the only way to start a real relationship. Don’t let your fears stand in the way of feeling happy and fulfilled. Magical things can happen once you allow someone to see who you really are. Be honest about your fears and see where they stand. You’ll know if it feels right.

You’ll Value Yourself More

Once you start caring about this person, you’ll realize how important they are and will stop playing games. Sometimes we have to fear the loss of a person in order to take our emotions seriously. Dating the heartbreaker will show you how wonderful it can be to let your guard down and trust people. A real relationship opens you up to seeing this person’s good and bad. No one gets the best version of each other all the time. For any relationship to work, you have to prove to yourself that you can overcome any obstacle if you want it bad enough.

Love Is All Or Nothing

If your special someone likes you, there shouldn’t be any doubt to pursue it. You can never truly fall in love with someone if you are always scared they will break your heart. So what if they do? You are living, breathing proof of a person that has overcome everything you once thought you couldn’t. Every past heartbreak has brought you to this very moment. God doesn’t hand you anything he doesn’t think you can handle. If the worst happens, at least you can walk away from the relationship with newfound knowledge.

We know that giving someone the power to hurt you is scary. The only way for a relationship to blossom is if both parties are committed to taking a risk. So give it a shot and say yes to the heartbreaker. You never know if you found your soulmate.

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