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Where Is The Gossip Girl Cast Now?

If you’re having withdraws from Gossip Girl or need your quick Chuck or Nate fix see what the Gossip Girl cast is up. Also see which Gossip Girl casts are rumored to be dating!

Blake Lively – Serena van der Woodsen


This new mother has been juggling marriage, baby, filming and starting her new lifestyle site The Preserve. The bombshell new movie The Age of Adaline hits the box office next month. Shop the looks for Adaline from the trailer.

Penn Badgley – Dan Humphrey

The face behind Gossip Girl is now starring in the NBC The Slap, touring with his band  Mothxr, and has a new movie out called Cymbeline.

Ed Westwick- Chuck Bass

The British heartthrob was recently announced to be a serial killer in one of ABC‘s pilots called L.A. Crime. Steven Baigelman casted the scheming Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) as “the titular criminal: one half of a Bonnie and Clyde-esque serial killing team.”

 Leighton Meester- Blair Waldorf

It’s no big news that Meester got married to Adam Brody, but in case you didn’t know the girl can sing. Check out her music on Spotify! Don’t worry she hasn’t given up acting either. Meester has been in the play Of Mice and Men and plays a 23 year-old New Yorker nanny in the upcoming movie Like Sunday Like Rain.

Chace Crawford – Nate Archibald

Crawford is the lead in ABC‘s pilot BoomBoom “examines the biggest oil discovery in American history which has triggered a geopolitical shift and an economic boom in North Dakota on a scale not seen since the 1849 California Gold Rush.” All you Nate fans he’s back!

Jessica Szohr- Vanessa Abrams

Szohr has been in the movies The Internship, Two Night Stand and was featured in Taylor Swift’s 22 music video. She also landed a role in USA’s newest summer drama called Complications.

Matthew Settle – Rufus Humphrey
matthew settle xx

All you Gossip Girl fans it seems as though Rufus and Lily are dating in real life! Other than their dating rumors if you’re into scary movies you might of seen Settle in the film Ouija, and Marshall the Miracle Dog.

Kelly Rutherford – Lily van der Woodsen
Actress Kelly Rutherford arrives for the International Emmy Awards in New York

Rutherford has been a guest star in The Mysteries of Laura, Bones and Reckless.

Michelle Trachtenberg – Georgina Sparks

Former Gossip Girl actress who was suspected to be the Gossip Girl has been a guest star in Sleepy Hollow.

Taylor Momsen – Jenny Humphrey


Momsen has been rocking out with her band, The Pretty Reckless.

Connor Paola – Eric Van Der Woodsen

If you’re a fan of Revenge you would of noticed Paola playing the character Declan Porter (shop his outfits at Spylight) before he was sadly killed off the show. Don’t worry you will see more of him in his three upcoming films Like Lambs, Unfriend, and Outlaw that are in post-production now.

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