What Have Your Parents Taught You About Money?

What my parents have taught me about money is that it’s great to have but bad in the wrong hands. It’s no surprise that money is definitely needed in life in order to support yourself. Yet having money is a nightmare when it’s not handled in the right way. If you want to be financially successful it’s important to remember that money is never something that should be taken for granted.

Even if you were born rich your whole life you should always appreciate the money you have. If you were born poor and then later became rich money should be appreciated even more so. As an adult, I realized what it takes to earn money and the sacrifices it takes to get the things I want.

First Lesson I Learned About Money

At an early age, I knew that money was gonna affect my life. Not because I grew up working class, but because I wanted to be financially stable. My mother was a single mother and couldn’t always afford the things I wanted. Whenever I would complain about us not having a car she said she didn’t have the money. When we finally did get the car it wasn’t that fancy, it was used but something we appreciated. We were able to go places like shopping and to the movies and I was very happy about that.

As my mom continued to help me understand that things cost money that we didn’t always have I realized the power of giving. In a school writing assignment, our teacher made us write what would we do if we had a million dollars.

My First Thoughts Regarding Money

I was the only one in my class that said that I would give money to the poor. The reason why I wrote about giving is that I knew was it was like to not be able to afford something. I wanted to give others the opportunities to buy the things that they wanted and needed. I grew up with very humble beginnings. We lived in a two bedroom apartment and knew giving was better than receiving.

My mom taught me the value of a dollar by doing the very best she could on special holidays and birthdays. I remember on Christmas I always got everything I wanted including a real cash register. As far as I could remember I have wanted to ensure I would one day have no money problems. When my mom had a magician at my birthday party I asked him to turn my fake money into real money. He chuckled and told me that he didn’t do those types of tricks. Yet I realized that while I able to get a lot in a working class, I still had a long way to go when becoming completely financially stable.

How My Mind Changed About Money

As I continued to grow up my mind started to evolve when it came to money. After my mom died and I went to live with my grandparents they both worked in automobile plants. They made great money but knew how to live on a budget. When we would go to the store around Christmas time with $300 and leave a ton of things. I realized how to shop and get a lot for your buck.

Living with my grandparents have also taught me not to overspend on homes. It’s really unnecessary to buy huge mansions because they are very expensive to maintain. They also taught me that when I do become financially stable, I should be very private. I shouldn’t talk about my money with strangers and do whatever I can to make wise decisions.

Biggest Money Mistakes People Make

When people suddenly come into money the biggest mistake people make is making big purchases. They get a million dollars and go buy a huge mansion and expensive cars. it’s important to think about the future and how you want your money to last you for years to come. As I’ve gotten older I realized that it’s okay to shop but quality over quantity. I always pay my bills first before doing any shopping because that’s the most important. Any money mistakes I’ve made have been a learning experience.

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